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    Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed?





    Paul Stanley from JonesTown
    Washington must be losing there mines to do something like this it,s almost Communism I served my country and that,s a freedom that we all should have.

    maxine mcneal from Pensacola fl
    we need local's not fair for us to be charged a monthly fee on news coverage.we as citizens have rights!please protectlocal tv and do not balance the nations budget on the back of local tv stations and the communities they serve.

    Jan from Downtown Pensacola
    There is no coincidence that my bill went up by 25% and so did the taxes to the state, city, and county went up by the same amount. There is nothing good about that.

    jan from Downtown Pensacola
    The level of greed involved in taking away local TV should be proof enough that we need you here. JR

    jan from downtown pensacola
    had enough of cox cable and there hard ball tax. I don't need TV, TV need me. sorry I won't be able to see you folks on a click on the tv basis. Next thing you know, the FCC will be messing with the radio bands. Did you know, that out of everyone in the neighborhood, during Ivan, I was the only one with a black and white tv that got WKRG, WEAR, FOX NBC? The neighbors were flocking to my house. Now, you want to take that away?

    Good heavens should prevail in a situation such as this. '

    Good Luck,

    Warm Regards,

    Jan Ruedisueli

    Jan from Downtown Pensacola
    Had it, had enough. turn off the cox cable company. Turn of the whole viewing area.


    Terry from Marion
    I would love to see local TV saved, and I would love to see local TV. Where is all of the great technology I hear about? There is no streaming broadcast, there isn't an adequate free TV signal, unless we are paying outrageous cable or satellite bills we cant watch local TV. Funny I don't remember the old technology being this bad.Give me something to fight for.

    Ralph DOWDLE from Arden,nc.28704
    We need free local TV for the people that can not afford cable or direct TV. Some people are out of work,needing a job or just down on their luck,that can not pay for any thing else.Free TV should be a standard for America.

    joe herman from san antonio
    What a bunch of lies - Save Local TV is a sham! This is a private interest using the public spectrum to make a lot of money.

    Barbara Kibodeaux from Pensacola, Fl
    Aren't we American facing enough debit from the government? This is ridiculous! TV is the only entertainment most of us can even TRY to afford.

    Rick Kensell from
    I can't believe we have to call our congressmen to tell them we want local TV. Are they that stupid?

    max bradey from tryon n. c. on north side of mountain
    we are forced to have satellite tv and pay about 40 bucks a month now to get our local channels because we are in an antennae dead zone on north side of mountain. we need WLOS to offer your channel for a low subscription rate on ROKU which comes in over the internet so we can save this expensive sattlelite cost and dump the dish. It is not right for sattelite company like Dish and Directv to force folks who only want the local channel to pay for a big package.

    Gerri Miller from Stevensville, Md.
    Just leave it alone, why should we pay for something that has always been free. Watching TV anymore has become so misable, it comes and goes, makes one wonder what is really going on. JUST LEAVE IT BE.. Thank you,

    kassie from south baltimore

    Steve from New Windsor
    The airwaves belong to the public if you look up the FCC's charter so how can congress decide to sell what belongs to everyone. We need to throw all the elected officials in DC out in Nov 2012 to send a message that the government is suppose to fear the people not the other way around in a democracy.

    Ernest Merritt from Odenton, Maryland
    I can't imagine not having local TV. Whoever came up with such an idea or proposal to do away with local TV in the first place? Keep local TV, we need it.

    Della from NNdvPvBAi
    Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eariler!

    Vlora from UdOaDKDIbcRyYgKq
    Dude, right on there borther.

    peter michaud from monmouth
    with no local tv i will take my tv to the dump just another way to control us we are losing most everything our gov rocks not

    Dorothy Stiles from Columbus Ohio
    Local TV needs to be her just because of the safety issues it helps with if anything. I sthe government going to take away every thing we enjoy.

    Faith W. from Columbus
    Save our free TV!

    Glenn from Marengo
    Leve tv as it is I can not see having to pay for it.
    On a fixed income.

    No more local TV sports.
    No more local TV weather.
    No more televised traffic reports.
    No more televised school closing announcements.
    No more televised public service campaigns.
    No more televised community events notices.
    No more televised public safety warnings.
    No more local severe weather warnings.
    No more televised emergency alert services.
    No more televised Amber alerts.
    No more local TV election coverage.


    Bob Grosh from Tallassee Alabama
    Two years ago I started a local TV station in Tallassee Alabama. It broadcasts on the WEB, not on the air. I broadcast LIVE at least five hours every weekday and a few hours every weekend.

    The rest of the time, I broadcast current recorded programming, from the past weeks's live broadcasts. has news sports, weather and community information 24 hours, 365 days a year and it is all 100% local. All that in a town with a population of just 5244

    I carry more local programming and more local LIVE programming than all of the network stations in Alabama COMBINED.

    There is no subscriber fee,and only a little commercial advertising.

    You don't need a cable connection or a satellite, just a connection to the Internet. Serving a small town with a population of just 6 thousand, I have over four million viewer minutes this year. I estimate that nearly everyone in Tallasse had appeared at least
    once on Tallassee TV.

    If you attended a sports event, watched a parade, attended a town meeting, went to a high-school reunion, went to a business grand opening or ate in one of several restaurants I do live broadcasts from, then you could probably be seen on a Tallassee TV live broadcast.

    I cover high-school baseball, football, wrestling and girls softball. In the past year I have broadcast 25 hours of interviews with the mayor, 40 hours with the head of the chamber of commerce, 70 hours with the head of the recreation department, 50 hours with the head of the local hospital and various doctors and medical specialist. There have been hundreds of hours of interviews with school principals, coaches and students and others.

    I checked on getting a low-power / high definition channel. Just to get a licence would cost nearly $900,000.00.

    My operating budget is roughly $160.00 A YEAR! (Internet access and a ten dollar domain registration, I use donated equipment.)

    If the Federal government taxed me at even a tiny fraction of what the over-the-air broadcast stations pay, I would be shut down in a heartbeat.

    I may have created the first small town local TV station on the web, but I am getting plenty of inquires from other towns. If the Feds go forward with this insanity, then throw away those expensive new TV's and get on the Internet.

    Lannette Harris from Maryland
    Please keep our local tv. Cables companies are too expense. People on a fixed income can't afford to pay to watch tv. Who would have ever thought that we'd have to pay to watch tv. What's next? We will be taxed for the air we breathe.

    susan from columbus ohio
    i think we pay for enough now we got to pay for local tv to maybe congress should give up something, they make good money,

    DeAnna B. from Richwood, Oh
    I think Government need to quit taking over everytning they have messed up enough. If they would give themselves a pay cut we would not be in dept so much.

    Barry Groomes from Taneytown md
    Please provide more informatioon Bill nr link to senate writings , bill sponsors

    G Nash from Asheville NC
    Not that local is such great tv, but it's local, the people running it are local, the stories are (generally) local, and sometimes even true. But mostly it should be there always.

    jothan knapp from lewiston me
    we need free tv for our weather and new's and all local channels for the kids all in maine

    al from pensacola fl
    It just another hand out to the Cable and phone CO. not only do they but the free airway they make everybody have to get cable witch is about 20 bucks a month for the cheepest . but with a antenna its free , the money that they will pay for the airway will be paied for 10 fold over when we all have to get cable another Gov program that taxes us

    Alan R Horvath from Pensacola fl.
    It look like the Gov. is Forcing everybody to get Cable just another handout to the Cable and Phone Co.

    deborah hutchinson from lansdowne
    I think the government should stay out of business as for free tv should be free there is enough people paying to watch tv there isn't much of anything free these days what are people who can't afford to watch paid tv suppose to do the government wants to balance the buget then let them take a cut in pay Us poor people and middle class pay for everything now as it is .

    Chuck from norway
    All these kinds of things are getting out of control. When i was growing up in the 60s an 70s things was so easy, An so much better. Please save local tv.

    john clark from sylva nc
    do your job and stand up for us ,your voters

    Robert Lyons from San Antonio, Tx Loop 410 & Starcrest Dr.
    I would like to see the local television continue. I am a senior citizen and I do enjoy seeing the news and reports of the weather, fires and emergencies.
    Thank you, Robert

    Anne Steen from Rutherfordton, NC
    This is kind of scary. It seems to be a way of LIMITING information to the poor and those unwilling to pay the price. If I can't get the local channels, I won't watch TV. I will turn off the TV and read more papers.

    terence bauer from dundalk
    how is it free i have to pay cable tsnt that enough

    terrence brooks from columbus ohio
    anything to get the peoples money. They're not satisfied unless they heve there hands in everyone's pocket. they don't care if people can afford it or not, leave free t.v. alone,aren't some people struggleing enough?

    Krist bussart from Columbus
    They want to balance the budget, they should take a 50% pay cut!

    deborah rutter from crooksville
    your hurting adults and children leave the poor people alone

    why would they take away everyone's local t.v. Everyone should have the right to watch the news. its bad nough that we have to deal with the digital t.v.

    Mary Duggan from Seminole Oklahoma
    I would not be able to watch tv. All I have is a converter box. The only news I watch is Fox 25.

    Madoline Madigan from Baltimore County
    This is just one more way to get those of us who can least afford it. What's next,pay to deliver the mail?

    Tiffani McFarland from Washington Court House, Fayette Co.
    We NEED out local television!! Especially when you live out in the country, away from tornado sirens & away from a big city! Its the only way you have to even guess if theres a bad storm or tornado moving through! & why tax us on ANOTHER ''something else'?! We're paying outragous fees & fines for anything & everything late or even to get our own money out of the bank! Paying extra to be able to watch our OWN home football teams even when the games are HOME, I feel THAT should definitely be free!! The only thing even half-way free is our LOCAL TELEVISION! Why take that from THE PEOPLE so GOVERNMENT can 'fix' their pockets.... I mean, the country!

    bjf from Central Illinois
    Take the "lobbyist" monies lining the pockets of ALL politicians--Federal, State, County, Local--wherein lobbyists have told those elected officials HOW to think and vote, as well as monies to ALL appointed officials deciding HOW to make choices that really only affect specialized lobbying areas, and put those dollars to work in the areas of Freedom of Speech--be it written, spoken, or televised for the American people.

    Make those "lobby" dollars collected by "officialdom" be retroactively reimbursed for a minimum of the past five years and go forward for twenty years under law. "Round up" that past money; take it back from the low-life idiots that took money to screw over so much of America. Those people were paid a salary by the Government to think out situations and weigh in on documents to make responsible decisions. They were NOT put into positions via election or appointment to collect personal monies from lobbyists and line their own pockets. In the rest of America, that is an outright BRIBE!! That is NOT to be tolerated as "business as usual", crap-on-fellow-Americans by any government official/appointee/hiree.

    What to do with that collected money? Why not put it to programs for the PEOPLE--maybe some free medical/dental clinics to really needy regions, some assistance to seniors, some truly worthwhile programs helping Americans (without horrible pocketing of money for themselves!), getting assistance to help folks back to jobs. Tons of ways to responsibly put those recovered "lobby" dollars to work!

    And more antenna towers for everyone to access television and radio without paying some middle-man company that not only wants to charge a fee but wants to restrict what channels can be received for your dollars (packages) but also doesn't reimburse you when you lose the signal that is THEIR fault!! (They can't get the signal out, but you pay them 100%.)

    If the taxpayer dollars are to mean anything, it is to tell officials/employees/hirees 'you can ONLY earn/collect money from your designated 'employee' paycheck; invest money ONLY as related to your 'employee' paycheck; and ANY monies or properties acquired from lobbyists will be considered a BRIBE of an official/employee/hiree and thus subject to criminal actions immediately.

    As a criminal bribe offense (no matter what 'Class' it falls into) the official/employee/hiree loses all rights to future retirement and job benefits for him/herself and his/her family and faces prison time as well as repayment (with interest) for all improperly acquired money/property.

    Every damn bit of government needs to clean up its act, and it is through the more local (unrestricted/non-limiting) stations of radio and television and the responsible media press that the avenues of communication will stay with the PEOPLE of the United States of America. We need to be able to speak and communicate freely to truly be FREE and to control our government for RESPONSIBLE actions where all of us are concerned, not just for those special-interest groups that line their pockets.

    How DARE these people in assorted Government capacities take their 'capacity' as a platform to rip off the citizens of this country? Every liar, cheater, and thief needs to be put in a special place---and that would not a place of their choosing. Little bastards, each and every one of them. Yes, there IS a place for them--and they know it for sure, even if they don't admit it . . . . and that means they are so very small and such very afraid little wimps. Scared cry-babies stealing from all of us.

    Let us maintain our Freedom of Speech through LOCAL television & radio & newspapers.

    Let us be able to DEMAND responsibility by the people in our assorted Government positions.

    Let us be able to have local television stations to keep on top of all activities, events, and needs of our communities. WE are the people. WE are the base. These are OUR local communities.

    Mimi from Pensacola, FL
    I did contact Congressman Jeff Miller's office and inquired about this. He said that Congress is doing no such thing and he wished the media would stop saying so...maybe you all should contact Mr. Miller and find out the truth.

    Kathy Padgitt from Middle Tennessee
    Please keep local TV. Pay TV is not in my budget. Would not want it if I could afford it--neighbors have too many problems with whatever system they have, due to various types of interference. Cable used to have movie channels that showed only movies--free from commercial interruptions. Now even those channels are filled with commercials, and only few actual movies. My life does not revolve around my TV set programs, but I am very thankful for all local programs/information/alerts, brought to me by local/area businesses. KEEP IT LOCAL!

    Randy Robison from Arden, NC
    If they take away free TV, I will just watch it over the internet.

    Randy Robison from Arden, NC
    Free TV has been around for ages and is about the only thin we still get for free.
    Why take it away now? Next we will be charged for the air we breathe.

    william plowden from Sapphire, NC
    Cable companies are largely unnecessary with high speed internet. Trying to make them co-dependent is a scam. I watch local TV and whatever I think is cost effective from the internet. And what is possible with digital broadcast TV hasn't even been tapped. They want to control our access to programming without our control over their meta data usage. Their just setting up and maintaining unnecessary and obsolete toll booths on roads limiting free choice. It's a protection racket. It doesn't cost nearly what they charge to get the programming to us, and the artists don't need to suffer. Just the middle men at the toll booths.

    Octavia Hayden from asheville
    Local news needs to stay free. Without our local news we would be lost. Weather, school closing, amber alerts, All emergency alerts. There is so much a state when you take our local news from us. Please get off your high horse and come down to America (real People). STAND UP AMERICA FOR US ! ! !

    Stephanie from Columbus, OH
    I refuse to pay for cable tv its a waste of money.

    Doris from columbus
    I stopped cable 9 years ago because I do not need or want all those options and I can now not afford cable. i do watch the news and pbs. I rely on my tv since I am not able to get out much. Free tv has all I need. Please don't take it away.

    Ruth Hubbard Lovinsohn from Black Mountain, NC
    I think local tv is important

    ES from Portland, ME
    You left out a second threat to local broadcast TV. The FCC is currently holding hearings on allowing cable to encrypt local broadcast signals so that a set top box will be required to view local TV even on a new digital television. I don't know anyone who has a set top box or DVR on every device attached to cable in their home. In my case, I won't pay extra money for bedroom sets that we watch for only the late news and early morning newscast. Less viewers equal less revenue for the local stations. The current FCC information on scrambling local broadcast channels on cable can be found at the link below. Please contact your Senators and congressmen and tell them to stop The FCC from allowing cable to scramble the local broadcast signals they carry and to drop the idea of handing off much of the broadcast TV spectrum to wireless.


    Kathryn Paul from Springfield
    Without free tv I have no tv. I can't afford cable or dish on my salary. It is the one entertainment I have, don't take it away.

    Gladys Williams from Asheville N.C.
    Leave local TV alone.We like the station the way we have now.

    Joyce from Columbus, OH
    Taking away local "free" tv would cause everyone a hardship, we already pay way to much for cabe, like others have stated we already have to choose between food, medicine and other essential needs we DO NO need more strain on our already strained budget...why do they want to do this?

    Doug from Springfield, IL
    I say do away with free TV. People have to remember it is not a right to have TV. You are not owed anything. It's a modern convenience that people have had, and now it might be threatened. I won't feel bad if it goes away. People are complaining they can't afford TV...but are either online or on their cell phones...these are luxury items, not owed to anyone.


    Stan Allen from Durham, Maine
    I want my local TV! Forget MTV!

    Diane Davidson from Devine, Texas
    If that happens I refuse to pay for t.v. I kept wondering why the government wanted us to have those boxes. I wa told that they wanted to make sure that everyone had clear t.v. I still think that was a stupid answer and think that this proves it had more to do with control.

    Walter White from Baltimore City
    This is not Cool at all! I local TV is gone how can we teach our children and their friends. To stay upadte on weather, crime and such? It is bad enough that programs are being cut and people that are here illlegally can stay and take what they have not earned from those that have work for most of our life and still are struggling! Please let us have a few things!!!!!

    Debbie Poe from Mount Perry, Ohio
    We can barely afford sattelite TV, After the change the goverment did, we have no choice now. But please save our TV!!!!

    Susan from Baltimore
    LEAVE MY TV ALONE... Washington...go tax the rich. How much further of a gap in the social structure do you want to create!!!!! I think it's time to start ousting these money grubbing politicans and elect the average Joe who has had to live within their own means for years. Politicians don't live on a budget...they live off of the public. Go and get a real job and learn what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. Now do you eat this week or have electric???? you tell me.. LOCAL TV SHOULD ALWAYS BE FREE!!!!!!!!!

    I work in the cable industry, and broadcast TV poses no threat to cable or satellite business - this is the government at "work". Remember when the government "improved" brocast TV by making everyone switch to digital? Now, you get "no signal" errors and pixilation issues constantly. Now they want to kill broadcast TV altogether.
    Possible solution: Don't vote for an incumbent - no, not even THAT one!

    Linda D. from Baltimore
    We need to keep our local T.V. stations operating free of charge.

    Jackie from Mt vernon ohio
    We enjoy watching local tv more than anything else that we watch but if they get rid of it. I wont pay for it, If they cant keep it the way it is and everything has to be about money then so be it!!! Don't think that I love it enough to pay you. I am not a person that wants everything free either, I don't mind paying for something at all. If they make the public start paying then I feel they are more interested in the money than the ratings or their viewers. They don't care about the viewers at all it all money!!!

    luke from pensacola fl
    as a cost saving measure I turned off cable tv back in 2008. So there for I (family of 4) rely on local TV.

    shawn benwell from portland
    wow cant believe the government wants to screw the people once again. when is the government gonna learn. the more u make the people pay the more hectick it gets, the more the government takes our money the more crime we see in the news. its not just in our state its every where. can we ever have a government that is gonna work for the people of this country. only time will tell.

    erika from baltimore md.
    the government wants us to not be warned about things.. something is coming and noone is ready we need to stand up now for ourselves and our family against this government before this president destroys us. we need a real christian god fearing government if we had one a long time ago things wouldnt be this way!

    John from Bon Aqua
    What about people that can't get anything because it doesn't go out their way or on a fixed income.

    Linda from Westerville, OH
    The idea of taking away free local tv is just wrong. There are a lot of people who can't afford to pay cable bills. This is their only source of news, weather reports, weather reports, and school closings. This is NOT the way to balance the budget - there are better ways to do that than to punish the less fortunate people in this country!!

    barbara from baker
    I think they need to get money from somewhere else. Us poor people can't afford to pay any amount for t.v. It's not in the buget now, and unless the economy gets better and we can get a raise; that is if you have a job; we just aren't going to make it! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Then they want to complain because our president wants to make the rich pay the taxs they should already be paying. Why do they need a tax break? I mean really, WHY do they need a tax break?!! There is NO legidimate reason why they should. Thanks Barbara

    Vgcox from Pensacola
    need to leave local station alone, Government could take pay cut a big at that, that would help the economy.

    Vgcox from Pensacola
    need to leave local station alone, Government could take pay cut a big at that, that would help the economy.

    kate from pensacola
    If local television goed away, how would people know what is happening around them? What if there was a hurricane coming and the tv was the only source of information people had? There are some who can not read so getting a newspaper is not an option for them, and that does not give up to the minute reports like on tv.

    Bill P from Crestview,FL
    The FCC was created to regulate the use and/or police the mis-use of radio spectrum, not saction auction sales!

    Free speach is paramount, radio spectrum is free and only needs regulation from misuse.

    Public TV is a MUST-HAVE.
    (Just take a look at what other countries HAVE-NOT.)

    Shawn from Columbus
    Local tv is very important to me and my family. we can not afford cable tv so local tv is our life. Without local tv were not safe.We wouldnt know about any breaking news.

    Sherry Davis from Midway, Ohio
    We need local tv. without it, there would be no information for our area. We would not know what was going on. No weather warnings, nothing.

    Justin from Columbus Ohio
    This is rediculous. How can the be so obtuse. People can barely afford food on the table and they want to make that mighty dollar. How about they pay for everyone's cable with the money they are well overpaid with. Money that they rob and steal from the blind and poor. Sickening!


    GC from Oklahoma City
    I am so sick of this s**t. It's always all about the money. Now they want to take away our through the air television. What next? Don't make us pay for your stupidity and greediness. What do you want next, our blood?

    Graham from Baltimore City
    I agree that local TV should be saved. Allowing the cable companies and even greater monopoly over content as well as their hold on phone and internet service. We need free public access to local news and programming and not be held hostage by the high prices and ridiculous rates that cable providers dictate. Local television is our last stand.

    Helen from Limington Me
    there are ppl out there that can't afford any thing else .If you take free tv away want will their do .Ppl are stuggle now don't step on their head ,and tell them to badyou are not importen to any one .


    Tawny from Sacramento, CA
    Has this already happened? I had local TV on Sunday (October 16th) then when I went to watch a show on Tuesday my TV said that I needed to call Comcast to subscribe... Does anyone have any idea if this has already happened?

    fred anderson from floresville texas
    don't mess with texas,and don't mess with free t.v.

    kim from Pensacola FL
    Cable is very expensive and those of us still out of work or living on fixed income need free tv for important information such as local weather and updates.

    Florence Taylor from LOCAL TV
    Please do not let them close free tv some of my family can't get cable they only get news and local information from the local TV. How can they believe this is a good thing? It all comes down to the rich wanting to make more money.


    No more local TV news.No more local TV weather.No more televised public safety warnings

    Fred from Ohio
    what else does goverment want to control?
    other than everything that affects our lives.

    Kristy D from Milton fl
    If they take that away how will we know when something is going on liike an AMBER ALRT , BAD WHEATHER, or NEWS ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY ! we should not have to pay for congress misstakes we help as best we can but y is it us working class amercains have to be punished ! here

    Susan Headden from Murfreesboro
    This is just one more small step for government to control it's citizens and our choices. They are taking away what should be local and state decisions and making it into "large" governmnet.

    Bruce Richardson from Auburn Maine
    Balance the budget without cutting free TV. Cutting free YV does nand will not make a substantial impact on the budget.

    mike from Lewiston
    Congress keep your hands off my tv. You want a way to balance the budget, take a cut in pay like I have and live with the crap you have made out of the health insurance programs. Before you touch one more thing get the things you are working on done first!

    Dennis from Lucasville,Oh
    KEEP FREE TV,cable and satellite prices are out of site.KEEP FREE TV!

    R A B from Pensacola
    I emailed Congressman Miller , and his reply was that , this report of selling the Spectrum of Frequencies that Free TV uses , is NOT in danger of being sold ! I think WEAR should investigate this Story !

    Tina Doying from Canton
    There are hundrens of National News Stations on the air. We need Local TV. How else are we going to know what is going on and who is comming to town. We need School Closing Announcements and Severe Weather Warnings. I WANT MY LOCAL TV!!!!!

    rob henley from fort walton beach
    i think goverment and corporate greed is going to far !

    Charles from Madison
    I could care less since I NEVER watch local tv. Too many commercials!

    bob milford from baldwin county, al
    in our would be an improvement over the lousy job they do.

    Rogelio from San Antonio, Texas
    Is this in any specific bill that is up for a vote? Whats the name? What representative brought this up? Thanks.

    Don Richards from Gulf Breeze
    I find it amazing that government entities continue to want to increase their revienues while reducing and constricting our rights. Enough government is enough and we have way too much.

    Jamie Houston from Oklahoma
    many people in oklahoma cant afford cable. This would be devastating for them. Government needs to stay out of the freedom of having local tv programs

    Phillip from Pace
    What is the difference between the government reassigning the people's airwaves to a company that will pay for them and what WEAR and other broadcast companies do when they charge cable companies for use of their signal? Either way, the people get screwed over. The cable company passes the cost along to the cable subscribrers so most people pay higher cable fees.

    The only difference is the government might not have to raise my taxes. If WEAR sells the airwaves, I don't get anything.

    You have nothing to complain about you are doing the same thing as the government, you just take all the profits.

    S. Hughes from Columbus, OH
    What in the world is wrong with our elected officials in Congress that are supposed to be representing the people. Who told them that the people they are suppose to be representing wanted to pay for local television? I can tell you it was not We, the people of the United States of America. Who do they think they are? Citizens on fixed income for various reasons will be deprived of the most basic form of free communication. What the heck is next????

    Christopher Farley from San Antonio
    I think we need local TV because we need to keep up with what is going on in our surrounding communities. We need local TV now more than ever in my opinion because who knows what could happen if we did not have local TV?

    James Peavy from Burnsville,N.C.
    Lets save free TV.Any person who would vote to do away with it is owned by special interest and should not be in congress any way.I saw in a poll where the Congress get a very low mark but when it comes to their owned Congressperson it is different.COME ON!!! American voters we can do better than this.When we vote for these people we are to blame more then they are.

    Jan from Olahoma City
    Save local TV !!!

    BJ Holcombe from Milton Fl
    I have cable and prefer to watch local channels, please keep our local tv for emergencies and warnings...

    Chrissy from mid tenn
    After having to buy 'The box',which did not work, and then a tv to watch nothing on for my parents now you want me to pay for the programing too, NO,NO,NO. Stop already!


    Mimi from Pensacola, FL
    I wrote to Congressman Miller about this and he told me that Congress is NOT trying to take away our local or email his office and he will explain.

    Mary from wilmington ohio
    Save local's all we have to watch can't afford anything else.

    Carl W. Sellars,Jr. from Pelham,Ga.
    I'm a disabled veteran,and live on a fixed income,and can't afford cable. Not to mention that local TV has great programming and you don't have to worry if it's cloudy. Also you get news and weather quickly.

    klpaul from Springfield
    I use rabbit ears instead of cable or dish and would loose out on everything. From news to tv shows. Not good!

    Roy from Melbourne,Fl

    Hank from penscola
    Not all of us want or need cable or pay TV. And, there are many who just can not afford it. Too many freedoms are being chiseled away already, this one we need to keep... once owned, then free voice will purely be at risk.

    Robyn Purje from Dublin OH
    Another bad idea to balance the budget on the back sof the little guy. We are all ready making sacrifices because what most earn cannot keep up with prices continueing to increase almost daily. With fuel it's hourly on somedays. What sacrifices are our Congress taking. Are they willing to take a pay cut/ furlow days? Do theyy entertain the idea of getting cheaper insurance or volunteering to pay for part of their insurance. Are any retired Congress people willing to take a cut in their retirement benefits? If all these things are OK for us to do in their eyes they need to step up and participate! But that's just my thoughts.

    dessiree from San Antonio
    This is just getting out of hand now. WE're paying for our governments screw ups and the word "Freedom" no longer means anything. We pay enough taxes as it is. We earn at least our free TV. Stop taking from the poor to give to the rich.I hate to sound ignorant but if they take it away, they can put it where the SUN DONT SHINE!


    joey pinder from baltimore
    it's just not right

    Linda from Glen Burnie, MD
    TV is not free any longer, it cost enough and I for one am sick of the GOV. trying to take away our freedoms to watch what we want. Leave our Local channels alone, not everyone can afford the cost of TV now. We should not haveto fight for our LOCAL STATIONS, that is the only way we can know what goes on in our area. LEAVE THE STATIONS AND THE AIRWAVES ALONE. THEY want to balance the budget then the boobs in DC can take a BIG CUT IN THEIR SALARIES, that would more than balance the budget

    M. Mintz from Hendersonville
    I would like to have free local tv. Local tv is all that is worth watching.I do however remember life BEFORE tv.

    Earl Long from Standish, Maine
    Come on people place your objections, don't let government and big business do it to us again. Stand up for your rights.

    Earl long from Standish, Maine
    There are a lot of people around that cannot afford pay TV. Free TV was here in the beginning and should remain. Again it's large greedy corporations trying to squeeze every dime out of us.

    Gerri Reitz from Tryon, NC
    Another half-baked idea put forth by our Congress. They should be on the side of the citizens; we elected them to work for us.

    Dan Shaw from Nashville, TN
    Don't be messing with our local TV. Get your finances in order congress or find out who really holds the power in this country. 300 Million People can't be wrong!

    GLoLady from Asheville, NC
    No Public Access TV for the people to communicate with each other. No local TV so we can see what is happening. Sounds like our Government is planning something really really bad and does not want the World to know!

    Diana Rivas from San Antonio
    please save local tv it's the only way i get the news.

    Joyce Eikenberry from Union Furnace Ohio
    Of all the harebrained schemes Congress has _ever_ come up with, this one has to be the craziest! How much would our Land of the Fee and the Home of the Paid hope to get from selling our local TV channels off to the highest bidder? A few million at most -- and that isn't going to make a drop in the ocean of the national debt... Granted I get reception through DirecTV -- but a vast majority of people depend on "rabbit ears" at least.

    moore from san antonio
    it is ridiculous that it would be even considered to make america pay for tv that we have always had free. think of another way to shrink the debt. we as tax payers pay enough as it is.

    Erin Ushman from Sherman, IL
    I really don't want to lose my tv. The people in the House and the Senate need to leave our televions alone.

    Danny Ferris from halethorpe MD.
    well I had basic cable with my old cable provider, and it included local TV for $53.00 a month. Then they informed me that channel 11 was coming up for a contract renewal. The next thing I knew I had to pay extra' just to watch the news and weather. So they tell you one thing but charge you for a whole bunch of different things. Basically I believe that the news should be free an you shouldnt be charged for it.

    Bruce Wood from Sylva, NC
    If lawmakers would tighten their belts the way the rest of the nation has had to then they wouldn,t have to cut local TV. I imagine there is a lot of people wouldn,t have the luxury of been able to watch the news and see how our government is wastefully spending money. The government gets in a bind they seem to want to hit the middle class and the poor and people on fixed income to solve their waste. Look how much foreign aid the government gives out and actually how much of it actually gets used for what it was intented. Get our jobs back and our people back to work and the government will have the tax base to continue wasting tax payers money. If I remember correctly the Social Security program had plenty of money to take care of itself until the government started borrowing from it and not repaying it back to the program. They really need to get a reality check in Washington and start serving the people like the were elected to do. Keep local TV for the people on fixed income and the poor that cant afford anything else.

    Jeannie from Asheville
    I am all for saving local tv, but make it worth watching to save. Who ever is behind changing the line up should be shot or worse forced to watch it everyday. Do we really need Maury, Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos back to back rotting our brains? This is trash tv. So many people have had to cut cable from their budget. I can't help but think what effect it is having on the toddlers and preschoolers listening and watching this crap. At least Dr OZ was educational. WLOS news and a few new shows in the evening is the only thing going for it right now.

    NIk P from Nashville
    To be clear. No one in congress believes selling the FCC alloted bandwith for broadcast tv will help balance the budget. This is BS. The truth is much worse. Individual politicians, in exchange for massive amounts of campaign dollars, are allowing the multinational corporations to write public policy. the big cable, phone and internet providers are promoting laws that will allow them to take control of broadcast frequencies (the frequencies are licenses not bought or sold), expand cellular services that will replace Free to consumers, broadcast tv with a cellular based pay tv system . Without the competition of free tv as an alternative, they will then charge what the market will bear. Several lawmakers are already considering laws that will permit individual stations to voluntarily give up broadcast privileges in exchange for money, and it may be speculated that through leverages buyouts of local stations, proprietary carriers will use legal but shady tactics to shut-down the broadcasters.
    It is hyupocritical that local broadcasters who have supported the defunding of government and deregulation of corporations run crying to the government for protection when big business turns on them.


    Mo from Pikesville
    I thought the digital tv thing was suppossed to ensure free tv. I will not pay extra for tv

    james hart from pensacola fl
    this is just what the cell fone people want ,more cell fone the other group are just tering this contry apart any way they can .
    there are to many sitcoms on tv just about every chanel ,an
    some are back yo back sick an tired of them .time for a change,. not obama change though.

    Susan from Pensacola, fl
    They (our legislators) need to get thier priorities in order and leave free TV alone. It's cost enough to watch TV as it is because you have to have cable or a satelite dish

    mike from pensacola
    I think they should leave TV alone price is high enough you talking about crime

    Theresa from Baltimore

    E.D.S. from Powell,OH.
    If local tv is to survive it should be accessible like it use to be....FREE! over Free air waves...but you all okayed that change....maybe you could make it available over the internet.....That couldn't cost more than a penny as the internet is now cheaper than the cable service and so many have had to choose between the better get it in gear and make it available for the poor locals that truly enjoy,need and want local broadcast??????It would be nice to get some feed back as to why is it not available to the public for free so we can better understand your access=no connection to your surroundings and all will become even more obscure,talk about being disconnected?

    J. Stacey from Pensacola Fl
    Save our local free tv station its all that we have free anymore

    Leroy Little from Maine
    I gave up paying for cable. Most news media only report one side of the news and most times it is not factually correct. Price for the product is not a correct indication of quality of programs on modern TV.

    dorothy thompson from decatur Ill.
    The people need tv service,s to keep up with the new,s and the weather such as storm report,s warming and current event for local and world event,s we pay eough money now when bay our tv. and pay our cable bill now enough is enough this is only being greedy greed....greed. is this what thiscountry has to.greed to bleed poor people of this nation.

    Shena Kay Lemons from Newark
    I would really like to see local tv saved for everyone. I believe that everyone should have the right to free tv.

    Paul Parker from Morehead, Ky
    Everyone needs local TV for every day things. Is HBO or ESPN going to show the school closing for your local area. I don't think so!

    John Olsen from Pensacola
    I did contact our congressman Jeff Miller. He replied...Let me also be clear, recent television commercials and newsstories on the subject of free TV are grossly misleading. I am dismayed at the utter lack of factualityof these stories. For instance, a recent television report claimed that Congress was looking to passa "National Broadband Plan" that would force broadcasters to participate in incentive auctions to selltheir airwaves. There is no bill in Congress titled the National Broadband Plan. I would encouragethe producers of this news story to visit,a website where all Congressional bills are accessible to the public, and type national broadband planin the search box before asserting that such a bill exists.

    andrea waller from columbus
    a link to senators and representatives would be helpful.

    Steve from Pasadena, MD
    On-air advertising pays for the TV programming, and the delivery system (wireless antennas) is free. There's no infrastructure cost to deliver the signals to our homes, so why should we have to pay for it? Isn't this somehow a violation of rights to free speech?


    nat&jess from San Antonio, Tx

    deedee from asheville, nc
    this is a good example of a failing government.

    dee from asheville
    this is a good acsample of a failing government.

    why should we have to pay for the news n weather alerts and amber alerts don't we pay enough for the cable and they are starting to raise the prices on that so what would we have nothing but the rich would have everything and as usual the working people will have nothing

    Beverly Rogers from Blanchard, OK.

    lisa from glen burnie
    I think it's a crime against the citizens of America when our own people appointed government attempt to rob people of the right to free public television. It should not even be a consideration to sell something that belongs to everyone. How dare they, but you know what? elections are coming , and hopefully the people will use their voices to make our government understand they also need to play by the rules!!!

    DB from Baltimore
    Save our local TV. People can't afford cable because companies like comcast are too expensive.

    John from candler
    We need the over the air tv,it's the only link to what's going on, on a fixed income,it's already to the point , each month you have to decide wheter to buy medicine or food,sorta hoped someone would add a channel or two,

    Nanna from Baltimore
    Most of us can not pay for food,shelter or childcare and now we cant even watch tv after we were told to go out and buy new tvs because the old ones wouldnt work any more. this is so sad,and there is nothing we can do,because once the GOVERMENT make you pay its forever..

    rhonda wright from black mtn nc
    yes please save tv!!!

    Donna Yoe from Washington C H OH
    Every time in calling to Save Local TV the line is always busy. In this situation what other steps can I take to contacting Ohio Senator Brown?

    Tonya Grayer from San Antonio, TX

    Tommy from Asheville
    This is the type of idea that could only come out of DC!

    Barbara Hunter from Baltimore City, MD
    I would hate for local tv to go away because I can't really afford to pay for television. I spent what I had on getting new digital adapter boxes for some of the TVs in the house and on one digital TV set. It's about all that I can do to get free TV. I am sure a lot of people feel the same way I do.

    If TV wasn't free, I would miss the local news and weather as you have already stated - the local stations provide vital information for everyone. Please don't let them take it away from us.

    johnnie haas sr from blanco county
    save local free tv for senior's on fixed income


    Rhonda from Middle river Md.
    Could you actually make the poor feel any worse then they already do? Damn.

    Liz from Baltimore
    Cable TV and Verizon gets enough of our money. Let there be some choices in free television. Therefore, let the people vote on this in their next election!

    Eric Lyle Ellis from Floyds Knobs, Indiana
    The loss of free local television would destroy much needed revenue and income to businesses when they most need these resources. Both individuals and families have endured horrendous responsibilities by riding cable television and using local television. Some people have fixed incomes ... for which they need local television to hear school closings, school district voting results, Fighting Illini Sports Results, horrendous weather conditions, public health announcements, and community spotlight interviews. Some people would say that abolishing free television is not a big deal. Well ... they would be sadly mistaken in the real world. I like to hear "Judge Judy" on local television. Congrees needs to wake up fast and not touch free local television under any circumstances. NEVER!! i do not appreciate lawmakers --particularly when some Senators like Rand Paul and Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr. want to destroy free local television. These Senators -- among other lawmakers -- need to stop tampering with free local television entirely.

    Brittany Aitken from Baltimore, MD
    I can't believe the government is really going to punish US because of their mistakes in Washington!!!! This economy is already hard to survive and live in and now they want to charge for local tv???? This is freaking ridiculous!!!!!


    Don C from London
    Local news is just that-local. Who cares about national news. Hot air from Washington. We want to hear what affects us locally.

    shelley from Cedar Rapids
    This is the only fast way for us to know what is going on in our community and keep up to date. We need our local TV.

    DeAnna Beightler from Richwood, Ohio 43344
    I like tv the way it is. Government does not and should not controll everything. Keep TV free, and Keep America FRee

    Brian from Springfield, IL.
    It does not surprise me that the government is trying to something like this. They all want the control over our lives. The economy is bad, jobs are bad and peoples lives are hard enough. Why would they want to do this. They would be taking peoples jobs away from them instead of giving those unemployed jobs. Our lovely gevernment, why is it that there has never been a politician that can actually keep his/her word? This is not a dictatorship this is the United States of FREE America. Our Government should try and remember this.

    Melissa from Asheville NC
    Save local TV

    brian from columbus
    maybe those commenting should learn correct grammar and how to spell before tackling issues beyond their scope of comprehension. This will not occur, just a scare tactic to divert attention with elections approaching.

    brian from columbus
    maybe these idiots commenting should learn how to spell before being concerned about issues which are beyond their scope of understanding

    Wes from Goldsboro,md.
    Leave local tv and radio alone. government has already cost consumers a bundel of money when then required everyone to have digital tv 2 yrs ago.

    Jon from Cedar Rapids, IA
    Don't look now but the powers in Washington are also using the FCC to build a framework to control the Internet. Looks to me like a pattern: Central control of communication. Hmmm.. wonder why?

    Mary from Baltimore
    Leave local TV stations alone. Washington needs to learn how to manage its overspending.

    shonna from Asheville
    Take away free TV and I would not have TV. Cable is not in the budget. I too have not found any links to congress to express opinion, not even on other websites.

    Carmela from west baltimore
    low-income family unable to pay the few bills that i adjust to. these are hard times for me and lots lots lots of individuals. we base our days on news and court shows. taking this away we will have to depend on word of mouth. that can be very miss interpreted and confusing.

    Nick Lemonakis from Baltimore
    I am completely dependent on over the air TV.
    Broad band companies don't need more bandwidth.They have enough.Make use of your sub channels carry more programming that people want like ME TV so they won't take your bandwidth.All these companies,Verizon,AT&T are grabbing more and more bandwidth to keep it from their competitors,all this at the expense of the viewers!

    aaron hoilman from bakersville,nc
    The goverment and cell phone companys are gonna ruin tv.cable and cell bills are crazy!!i like my local tv.i love news 13 and all of the crew.someone just needs to take control of america and help the people.besides tv people are starving here and dying from there one man that can help?it could be me.i see no color,race,religon.we are all the same all over the planet.all men are supposed to be free to live a happy life.right now with our world socity this will not happen.dont fret though one shall save us all...

    Karla from Annapolis, Maryland
    What's FREE about America now a days?

    Bart A Newman from United States
    I believe that cable company behind this legislator, The figure that if there is no free TV, that their in the money because where else you going to get TV. Greedy little Bastard. I edit that last words but Adult know what I'm saying. Cable company want all the moneys!!! I love my free TV and I am not going to pay those greedy cable company for nothing for it!!!

    Dave Blank from Cedar Rapids, IA
    Greed in Washington as usual. These people need to get a grip on reality and realize we can't continue to pay for things we can't afford. Eventually, We will not be able to afford anything.

    Brian Huddle from Lancaster, Ohio
    We have made a lot of cuts due to the economy and one of our cuts was to eliminate our cable TV and use over the air broadcasting for news and weather. It is the only way a lot of people are getting news these days. A lot of elderly folks on a fixed income are in the same position. We need local TV!!!

    Donna Putnam from Lancaster
    I am a retired safety officer. I am at home because I dont have a car. I enjoy most of the news.but I want to be safe in case of a emergency. If Congress cant fix ther greedy paws how can they regulate anything?HUMM!tell them leave or TV aloneemail Rob Portman or your congressman!

    Gary from ky
    don't they have enough to do without getting in something else. it is nice to know what is happening locally. i can't afford to pay for anymore. they

    samaiken from 705compassrd.apt231
    leave my free tv alone

    Lacey Jo from Athens County
    We need local television. The emergency alerts, spotrs, news and all the other important things that the local tv channels bring us. It would be completely rediculous to take that away from us. Save free local Tv broadcasting!!!

    Joyce Carney from Baltimore City
    I remember when water was free, when you could get the best cheese free, when people loved each other. Now nothing is free and all people talk about is money. How safe people are is not important anymore. Who gets hurt if this happens is the poor. This is a message to the poor that Maryland doesn't care about it's poor who they know will not be able to afford to pay for TV. How will they know what's going on right around them. Free TV and air is the only free things left for most people. Now they want you to pay for TV. Whats next, will you have to pay for air.

    james from clarksville, tennessee
    You know what? If it gets rid of your broadcasting high school football games, then i am all for it. Come on! Who cares? Typical self-important, self-justifying, jock-strap elitism. Take the money and time slot and use it for something useful.

    Stephanie Ortega from San Antonio
    Yes save local TV.

    lisa from asheville, nc
    yes, save local tv

    Mary Ann Chenoweth from Parkville, MD
    I look forward to hearing the evening news. Can't get anything from newspapers anymore, they are just about all ads. I didn't hear the jury verdict on a case, thought I would see it in the morning paper, not one line. I have cable but watch lots of the local television stations.

    Priscilla Williams from Grove City
    Don't have cable or satellite & never will. I like the 10pm local news & weather. The national & world news depresses me, so don't watch them regularly. Our local news people work hard to give us news of our communities.

    Tim from Pensacola
    Yeah we need to save local tv, because who else will bring us reports of wall street being occupied by protesters for going on 2 weeks... oh wait, you guys don't report stuff like that and we'll have to wait until there are deaths by police brutality first .

    Wake up stubborn corporate media...the internet is more than able to replace you with real news and not regurgitated stories of Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony and O J Simpson.

    Oh btw, did you hear that Senator Graham has called for a reopening of the 911 investigation??? of course not, at least not on WEAR3...

    Guess I'll get me one of those PS3 smart phones to play all those cool new games on with all that "new" bandwidth.

    John Harris from Hiram Me
    I think thats a terrbile thing to do. Everyone I know many watches news and such on TV because its all local news.

    joe and linda sheehan and 5 children from henderson county
    we would have no news or current event knowlege

    Marla Neal from Circleville, Ohio
    Give them more they will just spend more. They ask us to cut back and keep taking from us.How about them giving up some of what they have instead of asking more and more from us. They wouldn't like it any more then we do. Save free TV so we can ALL be informed

    beverly darrow from columbus oh 43207
    i think they need 2 leave the tv company alone not everyone can afford 2 pay 4 cable

    John Fortman from Wiscasset,Maine
    I do not get local tv where i live i have to get it through a satelite company in which my so called local tv stations charge a fee

    Joe from Baltimore
    My cable TV bill was $100/month until I closed my account a few months ago and started using an antenna in the attic. I was astonished to find out how much broadcast TV improved with the change to all-digital. I get more than 20 channels in high-definition, with perfect quality. This is nothing like what grandpa used to get with rabbit-ears thirty years ago. And now, Netflix, iTunes, and other services make it easy to watch the shows you want, when you want, in addition to the broadcast channels available. If it was common knowledge that so many channels are available over the air, with quality equal to or better than cable, the number of people using broadcast TV would be far greater than it already is. I'm sure that the cable, phone, and dish companies will be throwing big bucks at politicians to cut off public access to free broadcast TV.

    mary anne teague from 106 fountain way, swannanoa, nc 28778
    How are we going to find out whats going on in our local area if we dont have lacal tv. Dont et rid of local TV TV TV. IN SWANNANOA, ASHEVILLE,B;ACK MPUNTAIN NORTH CAROLINA

    James from San Antonio Tx
    Some people cant afford to pay for cable or dish. Free air is the only way low income housing are able to keep track of the weather or whats going on in tyour town.

    Carol from Urbana, OH
    local TV helps us maintain our freedom. Think not? Look at countries run by dictators who have no local TV. They have no truthful news either.

    Reyes Lozano from SATX
    Doing this will only make the cable companies richer and us poorer since their pricing is not regulated. We need to keep free air available to all, especially to those that cannot afford the cable company prices.

    joe from new braunfels
    please do one good thing for the people just once. it's easy; just leave us alone. we are watching you this time.

    April Hensley from Rutherfordton NC
    We need to have our local tv so I can see when bad weather comes through and schools are closed. We need our local channels so we know whats goin on in our region. SAVE LOCAL TV WLOS NEWS 13 ROCKS!!!

    Lynn Robideaux from mermentau la.
    we pay for satellite an loose it everytime a cloud passes. if it wasn't for our antenna and free local channel we would never know about the severe weather, like hurricanes and tornados. The goverment needs to worry about putting america back to work instead of once again hurting us by taking what little we have left , which includes JOBS and American made products.

    Mike Rowles from San Antonio, TX.
    We only get over the air free T V and local news is very important to us. Keep it free.


    Frederic P. Pokrant from Bandera, Texas
    We have Satellite TV, so I believe that the people who would lose local TV would be those who have Antennas. In any event, we would not be happy campers should someone try to eliminate local TV!

    nate from asheville
    i guess if cable goes down ( Which it semis to do a lot in WNC ) no one needs to know whats going on. Save the TV!!

    Douglas Harraman from Richwood, Ohio 43344
    Congress would make us pay to breath the air if they could. They need to be stopped.

    Jenna Hughes from San Antonio, TX
    Why are you misleading your fans with this crap? The spectrum in question is the old analog spectrum that has been unused since the conversion to digital HDTV transmission in 2008--if they "auction" it off, so what? No local channels will disappear! Your "warning" belongs in the annals of urban legend...

    Eric from Baltimore/ Kuwait
    I wish television would go back to the way it use to be. either shutting down for the night or showing re-runs. When I get home I do plan on cutting the cord to my television but not my internet.

    Jo-Ann from Crestview, Florida
    Yes please save Local TV we need it

    Julie Trosper from Navarre, FL
    Another way to charge US citizens for the mistakes of an out of control spending in congress. As a citizen, we have a right to broadcast freely and not have air waves that are currently free be confiscated by the government and then sold as a monopoly. May be our first ammendment right can help us out.

    Nancy Davis from Delaware,Ohio
    Why do we have to pay for tv news and other things when we already have to pay for cable or dish network

    Billie Ballard from Newport News, VA
    Lots of people don't have cable. Local television needs to stay.

    Tanya from Van Horne
    We live in the sticks. Taking away free tv would take away our ability to know what's going on around us

    Jeremy from Auburn ME
    I thought we had anti-monopoly laws in the United States?

    Glinda Kratzer from springfield, ill 62702
    I think they should keep Local TV on the air because there is a lot of Seniors out there that has nothing to do except watch TV. I have a neighbor that is 96 years young and all she does is sit in her recliner and watch TV all day! if you take off Local TV off the air then she will have nothing to do except look out the window or walls!!!

    Larry Miltenberger from Pensacola
    This is the worst thing I have heard come out of Washington DC. I say fire them all, re-elect no body...

    Michael Dorworth from Springfiel area
    Another way the government wants to control everything. They need to stop tryin to come up with ways to make us pay for there blunders and wasteful spending habits.

    fred from lewiston
    need to keep on local channels

    brenda peck from columbus,ohio
    i dont feel that u should take away local tv cause with the ecomany thats all we have left

    W. R. Stewart from Pace, FL
    Citizens are required to purchase health insurance. Now they may be required to purchase cable TV or a satellite system. How long before we are required to purchase satellite radio. Will we be told to buy our groceries at a certain market, drive a certain make of car, or only read approved books? Is Big Brother beginning to watch over us? George Orwell (1984, Animal Farm) is no doubt looking down saying " told you so ".

    mary from columbus, ohio
    not everyone has the money to do what the politicians are able to get. just leave the tv alone or live like the rest of us - the common people. the ones that help to pay your wages

    Fred from Newark
    yes save local tv

    RJT from Columbus
    Maybe they should take everyone out of limo's in washington and put them in smart cars. Why shouldnt our government fly coach like the rest of us instead private planes. Get rid of waste in Washington first!

    Diana Leave us alone Watson from Baltimore
    Cable, satalite whatever cost to much, why can't a people with low have somthing?

    Rebecca Bell from asheville/leicester
    If there was no local news how would people no adout danger around them , how the weather would be on how to dress and the most imporant would be would be in the winter on the snow. School closing, how would you now if school was closing. Plus just just local news period.

    John Forehand from Arden NC
    Please don not sell off television frequencies trying to balance the Federal budget. How about trying not to spend money unnecessarily!!! Please get BIG government out of our way and realize government is the PROBLEM not the solution. Our country needs leadership. Please do not destroy the USA by making us weak both in our defense spending and our economy needs to be 1st in the world.

    Clyde from Gulfport, MS
    What a terrible idea. We are short of local tv stations now.

    Wayne from Parkville
    this is another example of Congress not being in touch,or not caring, with who they represent. they need to keep local TV free.

    Linda from Pensacola
    TV and radio was free when I was growing this day I refuse to pay for cable because all the violence and sex...the Monopolizers are playing us as fools...wasting our tax money...greed, power, and Godlessness will ruin this great nation

    Hannah from Bath, Maine
    I think that they should leave the free t.v. alone!! How are the people who dont have the money going to watch the news!! We need tv in order to hear weather alerts and school closings and so much more!!

    Marie Robinson from Howard county
    This isn't fair, some people cannot afford TV, and this is the only thing they have! someone please bring Maryland back!

    Carol from Asheville
    We do need our local TV. A lot of people, such as myself, cannot afford cable TV. We depend on our local station for news and weather conditions, especially in the winter.

    keynowhere from pensacola
    since only criminals run our government what else would you expect?

    Ms. MJ from Hamilton
    We have so many people have lost jobs. We have seniors and the disabled who not only are on a fixed income, but have not received a rate increase in years. Many of this audience are struggling between medication and food. Free television is all most of this audience can do for information. Most do not have the internet to watch later, nor to get the news. Baltimore has a real crime issue. We all need the news to be free. We need to know what is going on in our neighborhoods. We need to know about all emergencies.

    Please keep free television. There are many individuals who live alone and can not afford one more expense.

    Kierra from Columbia maryland
    Are you serious?? Local TV?? that shouldnt even be an option..Everyone doesnt have the money to pay for cable this is nonsense!!!

    Cheryl from independence
    I called Bruce Braley's office and they said they didn't know of any legislation coming up on this, and he would be against it if it did. Sounded like they had not heard any thing about this except for the many calls they have received. Where did this info come from?

    Patricia Triplett from Alexander
    Save local TV. For the elderly at the nursing home where my mother is, it is their only TV.It would be a shame to take that away from them.

    Joel Miller from Milton FL.
    When my satalite goes out ---( and it goes out every time it rains) the only way to get to get the weather is to use my antenna, call your congressman and say no to the theft of our airwaves congress is a bunch of crooks

    C J Talbot from Navarre
    Congress had better keep their hands off free television Social security. they can reduce the deficit by cutting a lot of wasteful spending on pet projects that really benefits just a few people and a lot of waste goes to foreign countries.

    Kim Rice from Jackson County
    My Gosh what in the world are we allowing to go on in our country! Hello people wake up! This is the beginning of the end! Stand up for your selves and say NO to our Senators! Keep free local tv stations!

    Donna from Modesto
    They just seem to find more ways to take money out of our pockets everyday. I do not have cable so local TV is all we have. Leave it alone!!!!!!

    Terry Chafin from My Office
    When republicans get involved democrats are in trouble.

    Elke Graber from Delaware,Ohio
    I can not afford to buy Cable TV my Soc.Sec. income is to low, I could stop eating if I have to pay for TV: unfair to Seniors !!!

    Chris from Columbus
    I recently cut the cord on the cable company. I only ever watched the shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. I purchased the Mohu Leaf Digital HD Antenna and hooked it up to my 1080P HD system and the picture was better and sharper than what time warner had and I paid over $80 a month. This was even after a contract discount and the price was going to increase after that term. I am done giving my money to these money hungry companies that do nothing to provide the type of services as well as the networks that broadcast over the air for free. I will not be a happy camper if this happens and will refuse to pay for a subscription to watch anything any longer and I will take my votes for Senate and House reps with me.

    Angela from Baltimore County
    I just happened to be reading your website and I saw the comments about local tv going away. There is no way that is a good idea. Many in lower class areas can not afford cable tv or certain electronic devices in order to keep up with the local news. In times of earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards etc. no citizen should be denied acces as to advice on how to care for themselves and their families such as if an evacuation was suggested for their area. Taking away local TV is just wong!

    Steve Brozovic from Cibolo TX
    Leaches, what else are you going to charging for?

    Ron from Pensacola
    Government needs to figure a way to correct there own mistakes instead of making The American Public Pay for there short comings. We Pay enough for not enough already. Local TV is as old as TV itself and has ALWAYS been Free. Local TV was not the cause of the problem, therefor why would it be the solution?

    Ronnie from Pensacola
    Local T.V has been FREE for as long as I can remember. There are many other ways to confront the issues of economic troubles. Haven't there been enough taken away from the American Public? Government Greed is NOT the answer

    williams,gwendolyn d. from ellicott city,md.
    not everyone can afford cable
    or satellite tv.everyone is entitled to all of the free services provided by local tv.

    donna t from okc
    Congress needs to be replaced, and soon.

    donna thornton from oklahoma
    Taking away right to watch local news is like taking away our right to hear whats important. I thought thats what "News" is supposed to be.

    Dwight DeMartini from Ohio
    This "Doesn't" suprise me in the least. Middle Class America has "ALWAYS" been the one's to get shafted while the Congress and others have lined their pockets with the sweat of the people whom have voted for them. Take back the country that our military have died for over the decades, and start removing those whom seem to have forgotten that this Nation was founded on Freedom of Choice. It is called, "WE THE PEOPLE" not, "WE" the Goverment whom "THINK" we know what is best. Remove those whom have their hands greased and let them feel the friction of the economy they have run into the ground. Would love to see out of work politicians, broke trying to feed their families. Change, ha they would see where their "change" gets them. IS it so wrong to have at least 1 FREEDOM, that the Government, "CANNOT" get RICH off of?

    Brenda Weaver from Oklahoma City OK
    It's enough that you have to have a convertor box to get local tv (that's if you can't afford cable) now they want to take away local television - give us a break - please

    Clara jarrell from columbus ohio
    we need local t.v leave free t.v. alone clara jarrell

    Linda Bryson from Tuckasegee,NC
    We bought the little black box to try to get local with an outside antenna,but guess what NO LUCK,everybody can't afford sattelite TV no one I have talked too can don't take local away to the rest of the people in this area this is how we get what is necessary in our everyday lives.I bet if the big guys in Washington had to do without their TV things would be different.

    Nancy Lynn Braun from Milton, FL
    Is there anything that the American public can be granted for free anymore?
    We are taxed on taxes every year the cost of living rises yet our income does not rise to meet that cost and now the only thing my Family enjoys is being taken away.
    This is not right and for years we as Citizens have been quiet about what the Congress,Senate and Politicians are deciding for us.
    I have to disagree with what they are proposing on free T.V.

    Marilyn Storman from Topsham,ME
    Save our Local station that's all we have some people not everyone can afford cable...I know I cant...Not fair to the people that are on a fixed income...Cable company are getting out of control now.

    LaKisha Jones from Maryland
    we need local news to know whats going on around us

    Scott Weaver from Dayton
    Is this a Bill? If so which? I've cut cable, so I want local TV, but this article is lacking in details.

    Scott Weaver from Dayton
    Is this a Bill,and if so, Which?

    Lee Parks from Columbus, OH
    This sounds wonderful for the big, rich cable companies and the pockets of our Senators and State Representatives. This is another way to stick to the people from Republicans instead of doing their jobs to make it fair across the board for all people. I want my local stations and I'm one that cut the cord with my cable company for TV because of the economy but also cable once again rising prices. Cable companies now want to charge people for how much they surf the web. High speed is not that expensive for the type of prices we the consumer pays. Europe is so cheap when it comes to high speed but it's considered a utility which in this country needs to be regulated as an utility. It's disgusting how the working class like myself is asked by our Congress to pay for everything. This is class warfare. What else can we do to help defeat this measure?

    Lisa Jones from Perryhall, MD
    I love national Geographics and PBS, as well as the local news channnels. Please do not deny us the access to stations we love so much.....

    mona effler from ashevill
    that wrong save our news and breaking news

    corky swayney from cherokee n.c.
    keep the local tv.people cant afford tv now and those who are on fixed income thats their way of keeping up with the news and what goes on around them,now you people want to take that away from them. put yourself in their place.

    Judy Taylor from Waynesville NC
    We NEED local TV, I depend on alot of these services daily!

    Jerry Mull from waynesville
    we need local tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    swvilchr from Ashville
    It would help if you had links to where this information comes from. Congress is considering? What committee, and what document are they considering? Who is proposing this? The cable companies or someones overactive imagination? It's hard to get worked up over something presented without any proof or documentation!