Central Ohio man has only falconry school in the state

Joe Dorrian's falconry school is the only one in Ohio. (Courtesy: The Ohio School of Falconry)

When Joe Dorrian was a child, he wanted to have a falcon.


"I was 12 years old and I would walk around, and I would carry a leather glove and whistle just in case I ran into a falconer's escaped bird," Dorrian said.

Decades later, he would finally achieve his childhood dream, becoming a falconer himself and then eventually opening his own falconry school: The Ohio School of Falconry.

"It's the only one in the state," he said.

Now, Dorrian teaches leadership and team building with his birds of prey at Camp Mary Orton on the far north side of Columbus.

His family also plays a role.

"There's an old saying in falconry: 'One bird, One wife. Two birds, No wife. Three birds, No life.' And at the school we have five or six birds right now, and we are getting three or four more the summer," he said. "So, [my wife] is indeed a saint."

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