Made Local: Aunt Flow


Claire Coder is the founder of Aunt Flow, a local company that sells menstrual product subscription boxes.

“I started Aunt Flow as a sustainable solution to make sure that everyone has access to tampons and pads,” Coder explained. “We need tampons. It's a necessary item. They aren't covered by WIC. They aren't covered by food stamps. It’s terrible to not be able to afford food let alone these basic necessary products.”

Her company aims to change that with their buy one, give one model. For every box that is purchased, a box is donated to women in need.

Coder says, to date, they’ve already donated 30,000 tampons and pads to organizations across the United States. These are people that didn't have these products before.

Right now, Claire’s local business is gaining nationwide exposure.

She’s one of eight women starring in Girl Starter - a business-genre reality-competition TV show airing Fridays on TLC.

“Girl Starter was an amazing competition where they brought together eight girls from across the United States, and we all competed for $100,000 for a new business.” Claire said.

Girl Starter airs Fridays at 7pm on TLC.

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