Good Samaritan replaces family's stolen GoFundMe money

After $4,100 in a GoFundMe campaign was lost, an anonymous donor wrote out a $5,000 check to the Adams family. (WSYX/WTTE)

Last week, 6 On Your Side investigator Tom Sussi told you about an Uber driver and self-proclaimed community activist, accused of stealing a needy family's GoFundMe donations of more than $4,100.

Deborah Adams was counting on the money so she could find a larger home for her family. Currently, Adams and her ten grandkids live in a cramped, two-bedroom, one-bath house.

Days after his report aired, Sussi received a call from a wealthy and generous businessman who wanted to help out the Adams family.

Yes, there are plenty of kind, giving people among us. This story is living proof.

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