Concrete contractor tossed into Hall of Lame

Crooked contractor Michael Compton owes two families $3,000 each, but has yet to pay them the court mandate (WSYX/WTTE)

A worthless pile of stones and boards. That's all one Blacklick family has to show for $6,000.

Their neighbor hired the same contractor to build them a concrete patio too. The work was so shabby, that they ate the $3,300 they paid him, and hired another contractor to rip it out.

Both families sued the Alexandria contractor, and were awarded court judgments of $3,000 each. To date, neither family has received a dime.

That contractor's name is Michael Compton. He's the newest inductee into The Hall of Lame.

See what happens when Tom Sussi tracks him down, and brings one of the victims face to face with Compton.

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