Diamond hides out after more customers complain

Customers of Diamond Set Roofing and Restoration say the company was paid for work it never started. (WSYX/WTTE)

Her name is Diamond Murphy. She owns a company, Diamond Set Roofing and Restoration, that seems to exist by name only.

Investigator Tom Sussi first exposed the fly-by-night, unlicensed contracting gem last week in The Hall of Lame. Tom showed you how Murphy cheated one of her customers out of thousands of dollars on a roofing and siding job. To make matters worse, the roofer says Murphy didn't pay him, so now he's putting a lien on the customer's house.

Just hours after our report aired, two more of Murphy's customers contacted Tom. Both say Murphy pocketed thousands of dollars on roof jobs she never started.

Check out Tom's reports, and watch him go head-to-head with this potty-mouthed gem.

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