Hall of Lame: Concrete Contractor Accused of Ripping out Driveway, Leaving with Payment

COLUMBUS (Tom Sussi) -- ABC 6 Investigator Tom Sussi inducted a concrete contractor in to the Hall of Lame, complete with showing up at his door with balloons. The contractor didn't answer the door, but that didn't stop Sussi from bursting his bubble. The Investigators eventually tracked down Terry Diehl at Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. But before we go forward with this investigation, let's first go backward. Debbie Disbonnet says she hired Diehl to rip out her old concrete driveway, and replace it with a new one. "The entire driveway, to expand it out, the sidewalk and the apron skirt," she said.

Disbonnet says Diehl agreed to do the job for $5,400. On April 20, Disbonnet says Diehl was paid $1,300 to start the job. "It was supposed to be done by May 31," she said.

Along the way, Disbonnet says she paid Diehl another $2,750 for a grand total of $4,050. Four month later, Disbonnet doesn't have much to show for her hard-earned money. She says Diehl ripped out part of her drive, and never returned to finish the job. "We've text messaged him, we've phoned him, we have facebook messaged him, and we have gotten nothing." Disbennet says she filed complaints with both the Ohio State Attorney General's Office, and Columbus Police Department. She also called ABC 6 Investigators.

"If he (Diehl) is watching right now, what would you say to him?" Sussi asked. "Shame on you," Disbonnet said. "And I want my money back, and I hope you get what's coming to you." By all accounts, Terry Diehl appears to be a fly-by-night concrete contractor. ABc 6 investigators checked several databases including Ohio Secretary of State's Office. There's no records of Diehl owning any business. The only records Sussi found were with police. Now, back to where we started - Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Diehl was recently arraigned there on one count of felony theft. According to the indictment, Diehl failed to return a concrete saw, generator, and other equipment he rented from Sunbelt Rentals. Sussi caught up with Diehl outside the courtroom.

Sussi: "Tom Sussi. ABC 6 Investigators. How you doing? Terry Diehl! What's the deal?"Diehl: "I don't know you, sir."Sussi: "You know Debbie Disbonnet?"Diehl: "I've talked to her husband about and taken care of the issue."Sussi: "You haven't yet. When you doing to take care of it?"Diehl: "As soon as I can."Sussi: "What's the problem?"

Disbonnet says Diehl hasn't contacted her or her husband-to-be to work out anything. Diehl later told Sussi he had back surgery in late May, and that's why he hasn't finished Debbie's driveway. Diehl says he plans on working out something with Disbonnet soon. The disgruntled customer isn't holding her breath. Disbonnet says Diehl is "shady and dishonest."

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