Fiona taken off supplemental oxygen, gets a bigger bedroom

(Courtesy: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- As Fiona continues to grow, so does her strength and her surroundings.

The Cincinnati Zoo said the seven-week-old hippo no longer needs supplemental oxygen.

Given her steady weight gain, plus increased energy and strength, her lungs have caught up developmentally. She had been receiving supplemental oxygen since she a week into her premature birth in January.

She also explored her new bedroom on Tuesday after recently feeding from a bigger bottle and graduating to a bigger pool.

In it, she was seen getting a feel for her new space, which included seeing her reflection.

The room is also closer to her parents, Bibi and Henry, according to zoo staff. They said her care team will spend more time with her in there when they think she's ready.

The space also includes a heated soaking tub where she can choose to nap in or out of the water.

In the meantime, staff said she'll still spend time in the large exercise pool.

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