Uber launches new program to track teens on the go

"Like many families, a typical day for the Loomers involves a lot of juggling. Charlotte Loomer and her husband are working parents with three teenage boys. It’s easy to feel like there’s never enough time in the day when each son has his own mix of afterschool jobs and activities. Constantly rushing from place to place to keep the family moving can be a daunting experience for any parent." (Courtesy: UBER)

Uber announced a new program in Columbus to help keep parents in the know.

According to Uber, the program allows parents to add their teens, between ages 13-17, to join a Family Profile. The new Family Profile allows parents to create an Uber account specifically designed for their teens. Uber said once a teen accepts the invitation and creates an account, they'll be able to get rides from experienced drivers who have consistently high ratings. According to Uber, parents are sent the bill with full details of the trip after every ride. The ride sharing company also built on several other safety features that aren't implemented on the standard app.

Franklin County Commissioner John O'Grady shared with Uber his excitement of the new program.

“Uber’s teen option will provide my wife and I with much needed flexibility when it comes to getting our teens around town," said the commissioner. "From sports practice to after-school pick-ups, we can now rely on Uber to provide safe and reliable rides for our teens, all at the push of a button.”

Learn more and get your teen riding in Columbus at

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