Ohio Health Dept. implements action plan to track bad batches of heroin

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- After a recent string of spikes in heroin overdoses throughout Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health is asking all 88 counties to get on board with its new community action plan.

The initiative comes on the heels of a rash of overdoses in recent weeks:

  • Five fatal overdoses in a 24-hour span in Butler County (January 20)
  • 86 overdoses in a 72-hour window in Clark County (January 26-29)
  • 12 overdoses, including one fatal, over two days in Chillicothe
  • 30 overdoses, including six fatal, over 10 days in Fayette County

The City of Columbus came up with its own plan last Summer that prompts an emergency alert if overdoses, overdose deaths, and Naloxone runs go up over the daily average.

The new plan went into play last September where a bad batch of heroin was identified through a network of 10 different agencies, including police, fire, the coroner, and local ER's.

They sent a public safety alert within hours and held a news conference the next day.

The Columbus Division of Fire said they also alert other agencies when they reach four Naloxone runs in a two-hour span. Their daily average ranges from 15-to-16.

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