Dog shot and left for dead under emergency care in Ross County

A young shepherd-mix is under the watchful eye of veterinarians as the Ross County Humane Society tries to figure out who's responsible for shooting the dog and leaving it for dead on the side of a road.

A Good Samaritan, who wanted to remain anonymous, found the dog on Poes Run Road near Skaggs Road in Londonderry Wednesday.

They brought the dog to the North Fork Animal Clinic for emergency care. Veterinarians discovered more than one serious injury from a gunshot.

"She's such a sweet dog," said Jenn Thomas, Executive Director of the Ross County Humane Society.

Behind the dog's sad eyes, there's pain and a lot of it.

"Even on a lot of pain medication she is exhibiting pain when we move her around," said Dr. Luke Haver with North Fork Animal Clinic.

Rescuers named her Trinity, since the shepherd-mix will lose her right leg.

"We were looking up for tripod dogs, so we picked Trinity," said Thomas.

Damage to the elbow from the bullet is too severe to be able to save it.

"These white fragments are bullet fragments," said Dr. Haver.

Dr. Haver said it's possible a handgun or rifle was used.

The Good Samaritan spotted the wounded 18-month-old dog Wednesday afternoon in a ditch.

"Initially we thought the dog had been hit by a car.'

X-rays revealed not only a shattered elbow, but a second wound to a back leg where muscle is missing.

"The bullet probably entered in the back of the leg," said Dr. Haver.

Caregivers and rescuers have their theories.

"It appears she was running away from whoever shot her. She wasn't shot while running at them. She was trying to get away from them," said Thomas.

Thomas wants to know who did it, why and whether someone owns the dog.

Dr. Haver focuses on treating one of the worst cases he's seen.

"From a pure trauma, and obviously not a natural trauma like an accident being hit by a car, this was seemingly intentional that's pretty bad," said Dr. Haver.

Trinity arrived without tags or a microchip, but has a sweet disposition.

"Her tail's wagging," said Thomas.

Her prognosis after amputation surgery is good as long as the wound on the back leg doesn't become infected.

"She seems like a sweet dog. She's a young dog and she has a really good chance at having a pretty much normal life," said Dr. Haver.

Trinity's leg will be amputated Friday.

The Ross County Humane Society is asking for donations for the amputation. The surgery is expected to cost around $500 plus recovery.

You can donate several different ways.

Through Paypal to the username account.

By mail at 2308 Lick Run Road, Chillicothe, OH 45601 or call North Fork Animal Clinic at 740-773-7387 and let them know it is for Trinity.

If you'd like to foster Trinity during her recovery or are interested in adoption, contact the Ross County Humane Society at 740-775-6808.

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