After car break-in, Clintonville artist, April Sunami, uses broken glass to create art

(Courtesy: April Sunami)

When April Sunami saw the broken glass from her car window on the ground, she knew she was the victim of a smash-and-grab crime.

But instead of feeling powerless, the Clintonville artist chose to feel empowered.

She collected the sharp, broken pieces and decided to use them in her art.

"It worked out," she said. "It was successful."

Now, Sunami continues to use glass in her mixed-media paintings.

Almost always, the paintings focus on the power of the female face.

"I kind of like to portray the female as being very strong and not as a passive object, but as a powerful subject."

Sunami said she wants people to feel that power after seeing her paintings.

"At the core of it I think I just want to see myself [in the paintings]," she said. "I want to see myself being portrayed a strong."

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