Akron man fighting back against cyberbullies

Jason Plants is tired of bullying on Facebook and is taking a strong stance against it. (CNN Newsource)

An Akron man being bullied on Facebook because of his appearance isn't backing down.

Jason Plants, who is fighting a rare medical condition, said some people responded to a post he made in a Facebook group called "Singles Meet and Greet" with insults and death threats because of his appearance and speech.

After reaching out to Facebook, he is standing up for more than just himself. He wants to defend others subject to cyberbullying as well.

Plants said in addition to the comments, some users have taken his photo and created profiles. He has been reporting the harassment to Facebook since it started in December. The posts haven't been taken down.

Facebook said it doesn't comment on individual complaints, but said "We do not allow bullying or harassment on Facebook and remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading them or shaming them."

Plant feels like there should be more done.

"They say they'll investigate it, but they never take it down or anything," he said.

He has reached out to police and his congressman, with no results. He vows to not stop fighting.

"It doesn't feel good," he said. "But you have to be strong about it.

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