Call to End Hunger: Teaching children about proper nutrition

Michelle Hoffman of the Children's Hunger Alliance works with students on proper nutritional habits. (WSYX/WTTE)

Michelle Hoffman from Children’s Hunger Alliance teaches children to think about what they are eating by using three simple words; go, slow, and whoa.

She’s a nutrition coordinator who weekly teaches grade school children proper nutrition. Often low income families choose high fat food, because they can be cheaper. But the Children’s Hunger Alliance believes if children know the difference between a fat and a carbohydrate they can often make changes in their family’s eating habits.

Hoffman teaches them that a go food is something low in fat and sugar and high in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, which kids can eat anytime. A slow food can be chocolate mil,k which has dairy but may also have sugar. And a whoa food is French fries or ice cream, something that should be a treat and not eaten every day.

Hoffman says many of these kids are the older brothers and sisters, and often make meals for their younger siblings, so if they get the tools they need to make healthier decisions they could affect their food choices for the rest of their lives.

ABC 6 and The Children's Hunger Alliance are joining together for A Call to End Hunger telethon. Join us Wednesday April 26th to help raise awareness and financial resources for the program!

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