New warning about E-Coli and uncooked ingredients

Health experts are reminding people that uncooked ingredients - including flour - can make people sick from E. Coli, after a recent outbreak in Canada (WSYX/WTTE)

More than 100 tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough get made a week at the Cookie Dough Creamery in Worthington.

"It was really good, I never had it before but I was really pleased with it," said Alexis Hummer, who was enjoying a taste with friends.

It's also safe and ready to eat. There are no eggs or raw flour in the batter, so you can eat it without getting sick. The flour is specially treated with heat to get rid of harmful bacteria. But a new warning suggests not enough people are sticking to safe treats like this.

"Consumer reports has released an article on the outbreak of uncooked flour in Canada and has alerted us here in America to be aware of this." said Shari Gallup, an OSU Extension Educator.

She says in a recent outbreak in Canada, all 30 people contracted different strains of e-coli from eating raw flour. Many of them had to endure hospitalizations.

The flour we eat can easily be contaminated before it gets to our kitchens. "A grain is grown in the great outdoors and there's lots of bacteria outside, there's animals that can walk over the grain," Gallup said.

Shari says people can also get sick from untreated or uncooked flour even if you don't eat it. "Children play arts and crafts, they use flour to coat the newspaper, when you change out your flour containers be sure to wash those containers."

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