Caught on Video: OhioHealth investigating after 3 officers seen taking down man

OhioHealth says the 3 officers seen in a video posted on Facebook are currently on a "fact-finding suspension" while they investigate the incident (Courtesy: Mellena Jackson)

OhioHealth has put three of its protective service officers on suspension while the healthcare company investigates an incident between the officers and man at Grant Medical Center was caught on tape and widely spread on social media. The officers arrested Shelton Adams, 38, for disorderly conduct, but the woman who shot the video questions why.

"The way they handled that situation, it should not have been handled that way," said Mellena Jackson. "It could have been completely different."

She said she was compelled to record the incident after seeing the officer follow Adams out and hearing him say, "Leave me alone.'" The video shows the officers pushing Adams and one officer extending a retractable baton. At that point Adams flicked his cigarette towards the officers, prompting one officer to use pepper spray on Adams and then to tackle him. Any conversation between the officers and Adams is inaudible on the video.

A spokesman for OhioHealth said the company began an investigation as soon as this happened last night and that the officers were placed "on a fact-finding suspension." Ohio Health Protective Services is a police agency with full law enforcement powers.

The video has been seen more than half-a-million times on Jackson's Facebook page and shared more than a thousand times.

"People need to see this," said Jackson. "People abuse their power and it seems like they're above the law."

(Content Warning: Adult language)

Full statement from OhioHealth:

"We are aware of the incident that happened at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center last night and began investigating the matter immediately.

The three security officers involved have been placed on a fact-finding suspension until the investigation is complete.

When a situation like this occurs we take it very seriously. We anticipate providing more information about the investigation later today.”

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