City changing bicycle awareness signs

The City of Columbus is changing its road signs that alert drivers to the presence of bicyclists on the road. (WSYX/WTTE)

The City of Columbus hopes new bike signs will help reduce accidents.

The city plans to start installing white signs that say "Bikes May Use Full Lane" instead of the yellow "Share The Road" signs.

Catherine Girves, Executive Director of Yay Bikes!, said research shows drivers believe the "Share the Road" signs mean cyclists have to hug the curb when they ride.

But many experienced riders like to ride in the center of a lane. Girves said it's safe for riders.

"It's crash prevention," she said. "When everybody is visible, it helps cyclists be seen and known."

Girves said the new signs clearly communicate to drivers the rights of the cyclist.

Riders like Gabe Thomas welcome the new signs.

"I'm on my bike all day, every day," he said. "These signs should help riders get respect on on the roads."


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