Columbus man charged with friend's murder

Darryl Lee (Courtesy Franklin County Prosecutor)

A grand jury has indicted Darryl Lee, 59, on two charges of murder and a charge of tampering with evidence in a case involving the death of Delores Williams.

In the indictment, Lee is accused of killing Williams, 51, then waiting a day before rolling her body into a rug and putting it in the backseat of his car. After Williams' daughter called in a missing person report, police went to Lee's home, where they saw a rolled up rug in his car.

Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said there are two counts of murder in the indictment, but only one victim because "under Ohio law, there are different ways to commit the crime of murder and it is my practice to charge all ways that the crime was committed."

Lee, who be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. Friday, will also face repeat violent offender specifications on the murder charges. He has an involuntary manslaughter conviction from 1995 in Montgomery County.

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