Columbus men fight back against attempted robber

Marlon Humphreys (Courtesy Columbus Police)

Overnight Saturday, two unidentified men fought back after being robbed at gunpoint in Columbus.

The two men were walking down South Third Street and got lost. They asked Marlon Humphreys for directions and started moving on when Humphreys is accused of pulling a gun on them and demanding their wallets.

Columbus police said one victim gave Humphreys his wallet, but the other did not. Police said after the man told Humphreys he didn't have his wallet, Humphreys shot him in the leg and hit him in the nose with his gun.

While on the ground, the man refused to give Humphreys his wallet again. Police said that when Humphreys tried to hit the man again, he missed and the shooting victim shoved Humphreys into his friend, who punched him and briefly knocked him unconscious.

CPD said Humphreys tried to get up, but one of the men held him down until police arrived.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery.

The victims of the attempted robbery got their belongings back.

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