Columbus man wants tree service to finish the job it started a month ago

A homeowner says a tree service didn't finish a job after he paid most of the bill. (WSYX/WTTE)

A homeowner says a tree service didn't finish a job after he paid most of the bill.

Jeff Ludwig reached out to ABC6/FOX28 to get answers from Lumberjack Tree Specialist. We reached out to the company and a sales rep told us by phone he'd be out Saturday to finish the work. Ludwig says he isn't counting on it.

His backyard patio sits feet from an eyesore.

"It's not a very good table but I'd rather just have grass," said Ludwig.

Ludwig is stumped about what to do about it.

"I probably don't have the funds to get somebody else to come out and finish the job," said Ludwig.

Ludwig says he agreed to pay Lumberjack Tree Specialist $1,350 to remove a more than 20-year old silver maple from his backyard.

"One of the branches actually broke and fell down that's when my wife and I decided it needs to go," said Ludwig.

Nearly a month later, Ludwig is left with a 3-foot stump and a stack of logs.

"Everything was supposed to be cut 15-to-20 inches most of these aren't. That's 23," said Ludwig.

Some pieces are too big and too heavy to carry.

Ludwig says he was told by a company sales rep the job would be completed the day he agreed on a price July 19th.

"That didn't happen. They needed to rent a trailer and they couldn't find one," said Ludwig.

At first, Ludwig says he paid $300 and then another $900 the next day when two guys worked on the tree before their saw broke.

"After finding out the two guys who worked so hard on the tree wouldn't get paid unless I gave them some kind of money," said Ludwig.

Ludwig says he refused to pay the final $150 until they grind down the stump.

But says another excuse came up by another company rep the day that work was scheduled July 30th.

"He called me and said the stump grinder had fallen off the trailer," said Ludwig.

Ludwig says they never came out to finish the following week like they said they would.

An August 13th, company response to Ludwig's review on its Facebook page claims its stump machine wasn't up and running yet.

Our second call to Lumberjack Tree Specialist went unanswered.

Ludwig hopes our first answer from the company rings true.

"We don't have a lot of money. Eery dollar counts and when you get stung like this, it's kind of tough to recover from it.," said Ludwig.

Ludwig says he was referred to the company by someone he knows. But now regrets deciding to not go with another tree service that had a higher bid.

He says it would probably have saved him the heartache.

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