Couple says their save-the-dates missing in the mail

A Columbus couple mailed their wedding save-the-date cards, but the box of envelopes they dropped off at the post office has gone missing. (WSYX/WTTE)

A Columbus couple mailed their wedding save-the-date cards, but the box of envelopes they dropped off at the post office has gone missing.

Rachel and Cindy are getting married in November. They wanted to get their save-the-date cards out early for out-of-town guests.

It's been almost two weeks since they dropped them in the blue mail box outside the Whittier Street post office and not one has been received.

Rachel said she's been getting the run-around at the post office. We've learned the postal service is investigating.

Love at first sight for what Rachel will be wearing to say "I do" to her love.

"She hasn't found her dress it's a challenge getting them both to coordinate," said Rachel.

Rachel and Cindy are planning a small November wedding with close family and friends. Most guests live in Columbus.

The couple stopped by the Whittier Street post office to mail nearly 40 save-the-dates on March 19.

"We're all excited about it. Then a week went by and no one received them. So we started checking on a few things and making phone calls. It got to be almost two weeks, still no one received them," said Rachel.

Rachel saidshe then got the run-around sparking more frustration.

"I called the post office and got passed around to about 10 people and basically got the same story that there's nothing they could do. They didn't want to help track it down, kept giving me wrong phone numbers," said Rachel.

The wedding reminders are simple with the couple's first names, wedding rings and love stamps.

Rachel said they've never had problems in Columbus as part of the LGBTQ community.

"We would hope that's not a factor. Columbus is a great city. We hope we're a little more progressive than that, but unfortunately that is a concern when you think about everything that's going on in the world today. If someone was looking at the envelope and seeing that it's two women, we hope they wouldn't throw it away because of that but of course that is going to be something at the back of our minds," said Rachel.

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service said the delay in delivery is under investigation.

"Two weeks to send local mail is a little shocking considering it should take 3 business days," said Rachel.

Rachel said they're considering going another route worried their invitations will meet the same fate.

"At this point, we're thinking maybe Evites is a better way to go instead of using the postal service," said Rachel.

The postal service spokesman said they place the highest importance on the sanctity and security of the mail.

Customers who think their mail has been stolen should report it to the Postal Inspection Service at 1-800-275-8777 or online.

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