Cousin of woman who died two months after being beaten is calling for swift justice

Sandi Roth died two months after a man kicked and stomped her unconscious in broad daylight. (WSYX/WTTE)

A mother died two months after a relative says a man kicked and stomped her unconscious in broad daylight.

"It's not fair nobody deserves that and it just bothers me that nobody knows," said Liz Roth, Sandi Roth's cousin.

Liz Roth is calling on the person responsible to surrender.

Sandi Roth never came to after a January beating in the Hilltop.

Liz Roth, says Sandi had emergency brain surgery after was on life support until family said final good-byes last month.

Police haven't found who did it. The mystery of not knowing is angering to her cousin.

"It's murder, it's most definitely murder," said Liz Roth.

A dark chapter for Liz Roth.

She was the first in the family to see her lifeless cousin in a Mt. Carmel West hospital room.

"They knew right away she had brain damage," said Liz Roth.

The two hadn't crossed paths in a year.

An urgent Facebook message in January from Sandi Roth's friend made for a troubling reunion.

"That I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible," said Liz Roth.

Columbus police got a call mid-morning January 17th about a woman being assaulted on the Hilltop's S. Wheatland Avenue.

Officers couldn't find Sandi at first.

She was down the street unconscious.

"The doctor did show me her side she had a lot of bruising she was kicked a lot in her side she was kicked a lot in her face and her head.," said Liz Roth.

Liz Roth says Sandi was moved to two other hospitals while on life support and died March 19th after a second infection.

"It was horrible a long two months," said Liz Roth.

Sandi was 29 years old.

A mother to a little boy who Liz says has been in foster care.

"She loved that little boy I know that he knows who she is," said Liz Roth.

Liz Roth says her cousin was a good person but struggled as an adult recently bouncing from place to place.

Her breaking point, Liz Roth believes, was the death of her grandmother who raised Sandi after her mother died.

"She lost the only person in the world that never gave up on her," said Liz Roth.

Liz Roth says Sandi wasn't alone and isn't now as she fights to close this chapter with a successful prosecution.

"I'm sure that it's a hard decision to make knowing you could possibly be in jail for the rest of your life but you deserve it," said Liz Roth.

A Columbus homicide detective is on the case.

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