Car crash inside building temporarily closes Central Ohio Fire Museum

A car did severe damage to the interior of the Central Ohio Fire Museum. (WSYX/WTTE)

The Central Ohio Fire Museum is planning to open its doors Friday after a driver crashed a car through the building four days ago.

"I was shocked, the place is in disarray," said Jim Henderson, Museum Treasurer.

Sunday night, someone plowed through the museum's engine house front doors on Fourth St. then fled the scene, leaving behind a Molotov cocktail, suspected crack pipe and five shotgun shells inside the vehicle.

Police don't believe the incendiary device discovered in the car was meant for the museum.

Museum staff say this is not the first time a driver has gotten into an accident at the intersection while trying to make a turn onto fourth Street from Chestnut.

The museum gift shop was severely damaged, and dozens of pieces of merchandise were smashed and broken, making them unable to be sold.

Henderson says a century old Model-T Tanker and Hose engine must now be repaired after shattered glass filled the vehicle with scratches and dings.

"This was in pristine condition, now we are marking with blue tape where the damage is," said Henderson. "There is now a hole in the radiator."

Museum staff now working to re-schedule several school tours that had to be postponed because of the crash.

"There's so much glass, we want that completely cleaned up," said Henderson.

Columbus Police now investigating the crash. Anyone with information is asked to call 614-645-4545

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