Deaf AT&T employee and coworkers bond together by learning sign language

Workers at AT&T took inclusivity to the next level when they learned sign language to better communicate with a deaf coworker.

Kamal Nasser is the only deaf employee for Columbus's AT&T warehouse. Coworkers said at first, working with Nasser was a challenge.

They first used a whiteboard to communicate with him, then they started to use short little signs for names and places.

In one instance, the warehouse manager, Jason McGonigle, was writing to Nasser that the computer was slow. Nasser then signed back "slow" to McGonigle.

McGonigle enjoyed learning the new sign, so he decided to start an ASL class with his manager.

Over time, several AT&T employees learned sign language to better communicate with Nasser.

McGonigle said the team formed a closer bond because of the experience.

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