Fans remember Chris Cornell ahead of scheduled Rock on the Range performance

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource)

COLUMBUS -- Fans are in shock after hearing of the death of Soundgarden and Audioslave front man Chris Cornell.

"I was like in a fog, you know, in disbelief,” said Cornell fan Anita Masters.

Cornell was found dead in his Detroit hotel room Wednesday. The next day, a Wayne County medical examiner confirmed the 52-year-old committed suicide.

"[It's] numbing. I can't believe, I never thought he would be one of the artists to do that,” explained fan Sean Patrick.

The musical artist and his group Soundgarden were set to perform Friday at Mapfre Stadium.

On Thursday, people stood in line outside the stadium to get their tickets. The artist was on many people’s minds.

"I've listened to Spotify for the last hour-and-a-half all the way up here to pick up my wrist bands and just been listening to Chris Cornell and thinking about all the words in his songs and just loving every song I hear,” said Masters.

Sean Patrick traveled all the way from Atlantic City, New Jersey, for Rock on the Range. In addition to being a fan, he's also a DJ. He explained what made Cornell special.

"He had just an amazing voice whether he was doing a hard rock song or a ballad, or if he was just stripped down with an acoustic guitar. He could do anything."

Jake Brown also traveled from New Jersey for the three-day festival.

“I was excited to see them here Rock on the Range, but it's not going to happen. But I've always enjoyed their music,” said Brown.

It’s now known if Soundgarden will perform Friday night. Organizers for Rock on the Range have not yet released details on possible changes to the event;s schedule.

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