FBI: Delaware sheriff's accused stalker's anger "disturbing and extraordinary"

William Young is accused of a 17-year long stalking effort against Delaware County sheriff Russ Martin. (WSYX/WTTE)

The man who prosecutors said has been stalking the Delaware County sheriff and his family for more than 15 years is behind bars and will remain there for the time being. The FBI arrested William Young of Columbus Tuesday and charged him with cyberstalking after a campaign of threatening letters and websites stretching back to 1999.

It all started with now-sheriff Russell Martin was a detective sergeant with the Delaware city police department. Young was convicted of stalking a Delaware woman and sent to jail. After that, prosecutors alleged Young took out his ire on Martin, sending him letters and also sending them to his family, his pastor, friends and others, accusing Martin of crimes.

In court Friday, an FBI agent testified to Young's "disturbing and extraordinary" anger toward Martin. A judge agreed he is a threat to the community and ordered Young held until his trial. He could get five years in prison if convicted.

Martin released a statement saying, in part, "...while I signed up for this job, my family didn’t. We deserve to be safeguarded from danger—just as any other citizen."

Kyle Roher, assistant Delaware County prosecutor, called Martin a consummate professional and said he couldn't imagine working under constant fear of a stalker.

"I've had unhappy people after a trial but Ive never been threatened, especially personally," Roher said. "When it rises to the level of a personal threat of your personal safety and especially your family, its above and beyond."

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