Fiona on exhibit at Cincinnati Zoo, to be out as often as she can

Fiona in the water 5.JPG

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- After making her media and pubic debut's recently, Fiona is now on exhibit, according to her care staff at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Given the amount of milestones regarding her weight, energy, health, and sociability, the zoo said she'll be out for regular public viewing, but on "her schedule." Fiona is currently offered the option to stay in or go out for an hour a day, but is not on a set schedule.

In a video posted on its Facebook page, a member of her care staff the four-month-old hippo calf will be getting out in the later part of he day.

"[It] doesn't necessarily mean she is going to be out from 4-6 pm every single day. It depends on her mood and weather," said Wendy Rice, one of her primary care takers.

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