Fiona inching closer to outdoor transition

(Courtesy: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Fiona, the hippo calf at the Cincinnati Zoo, is getting further and further into the deep end, both in her pools and her growth to eventual join the other hippos at the zoo.

The water in the four-month-old's indoor pools is currently five-feet deep. The outside ones are more than twice as deep.

As a safety measure, the zoo will have divers with her when she experiments with the conditions there. To make sure she isn't startled or scared, the divers have started accompanying her during her recent indoor swim sessions.

While she's in the water, her caregivers are making sure she knows where to go for shallow water. The zoo said there's a ramp for the indoor and outdoor habitats that provides opportunities to stand and stay wet.

According to the zoo, hippos spend most of their time underwater. That includes sleep when they can surface for air without waking up. They do so by propelling from the bottom of the surface to above the water.

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