Franklin County property owners get new appraisal, with many seeing increases

New property appraisal statements are going out to property owners across Franklin County (MGN Online)

If you are a property owner in Franklin County, chances are you just received your property appraisal in the mail. Countywide, residential properties are up 14 percent and commercial properties are up 10 percent. But some areas, like Grandview Heights, have seen a jump of nearly 30 percent.

Every six years the auditor re-evaluates all real estate in Franklin County. Auditor Clarence Mingo says skyrocketing evaluation doesn’t mean a huge property tax bill. “If you live in the city of Columbus and your value goes up 15 percent that might equal to only a 2 percent increase in your tax bill, says Mingo.

Mingo says that’s because there’s a law in Ohio designed so that there is never a dollar for dollar increase with respect to property evaluation.

For information on reappraisals and what you need to know about the process, click here.

But if you think your evaluation is wrong you can question it. The auditor’s office will be holding several reviews all over the county. Make sure to bring your review, photos of the condition of your home, a recent appraisal done but a license appraiser and any sales information on what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

For information on the informal value reviews, and how you can get one, click here.

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