German Village businesses, neighbors unite after violent crime spree

German Village neighbors are fighting back after a rash of violent robberies that have targeted women in the neighborhood.

"It's nerve racking, stuff has happened just a few blocks away," said Morgan Hickfang, Assistant Manager at Rooster's Restaurant in German Village.

Police are now investigating six separate attacks within the past two weeks in German Village, and near Nationwide Children's Hospital, where two employees were targeted near their cars.

Hickfang says female restaurant workers are now being escorted to their vehicles after their shift to keep them safe.

"We always have a guy walk out with the girls, some of the girls have gotten mace, tasers, stuff like that to protect themselves," she said.

The Neighborhood Community Crime Patrol is offering escorts between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. until the suspect is caught, on an on-demand basis at 614-291-4262.

City of Columbus Utility crews also are checking German Village street lights, to make sure they are working properly, including poles that may be malfunctioning because large tree branches are getting in the way. Anyone can report potential street light trouble at 311.

"We have needed to get the lights working for a few months," said Shiloh Todorov, Executive Director of the German Village Society, "the fact that they are getting done, we will enjoy the lights, especially when this guy is caught."

Six women have been attacked since late last month by a man wearing a dark hoodie, and covering his face with a silverish light material. Police are now investigating if the same creep is connected to all the crimes.

At a community meeting Tuesday night, police said they believed the suspect, may be feeding a drug habit, and has always fled on foot.

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