Hilliard City Council to study cause of roundabout crashes, explore solutions

An increase in crashes at certain roundabouts in Hilliard have leaders looking for a solution. (WSYX/WTTE)

HILLIARD, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- An increase in crashes at certain roundabouts in Hilliard have leaders looking for a solution.

Everyday when Hilliard dentist Steve Clay gets in his car he drives through the city's roundabouts along Main Street.

"As long as people keep the speed down, they're usually fine."

That's not true for every driver. Autumn Smith describes navigating the traffic circles as "difficult."

Some of the problems she sees are "stop and go hesitation. I don't think they're looking at the other drivers. They're either go 'oh wait should I go, should I not go?' Stopping and going and then you end up with people in the middle of the roundabout who've stopped or people who should not be going and gunning it through the roundabout."

City officials said a mix of aggressive driving and confusion have led to crashes.

In Hilliard, three roundabouts are seeing the most: on Britton Parkway at Davidson Road and Main Street at Scioto Darby and Cemetery Roads.

Monday night, Hilliard City Council voted on a study to look at the accident prone areas.

"[We need to know] how they were designed 10 years ago, what improvements can be made to reduce the number of accidents, an educational campaign educating people on how to drive the roundabouts and the potential to look at other roundabouts in the city," explained Hilliard City Councilmember Albert Iosue.

Stacy Dayton can handle the multi-lane roundabouts now. It was a different story when she moved to Hilliard six years ago.

"I've never ridden through a roundabout at all and then to go through a double-roundabout was twice as scary."

While the city explores solutions, drivers like Clay are hoping for smooth sailing.

"So far I've been at this for some years and it hasn't got me yet."

By a vote of 4-2, City Council approved a study to explore solutions to the crashes and look at educating drivers and working with police to enforce driving patterns.

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