Licking County computers offline after virus attack

Officials confirmed the virus attacking Licking County computers was ransomware. The ransom was for a "significant" amount of money. The county commissioner's officer would not reveal the amount, but they did note that they did not plan on paying.

As of Thursday, the county's 911 system is 95% back up. Licking County was able to get the system back up by using the help of partner dispatching systems.

The Licking County Commissioner was expected to give an update Thursday afternoon.

Original Story:

Licking County's government computers have been infected with a computer virus, sending employees back to the days before digital.

One office affected is the county's 911 system.

While you can get through, it's how dispatchers are handling the calls that's so different.

County Commissioner Timothy Bubb says they're using pen and paper.

"We're going to have to work harder to make sure nothing falls through the cracks," he said.

More than 1,000 computers countywide have been shut down. Bubb says he's not sure how the malware breached the county's firewall, but doesn't believe personal data was jeopardized.

"There's no evidence of any data compromised at all," he said, "No evidence of data breach. The county is fully backed up. "

Right now, county agencies will remain open, but Bubb has told officials to expect the system to be down at least until Friday.

And if you have any business to do, he suggests people visit the office personally.

The county has asked for help investigating how this happened.

"We've reached out to the FBI and the Attorney General's office," said Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp. "We are working with these agencies to look into this."

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