Linden neighbors look to city to solve crime wave

Linden residents have looked to Mayor Andrew Ginther for answers to the crime problem. (WSYX/WTTE)

A double homicide, shooting overnight -- people in the Linden area are fed up with the crime.

Franchesca Pennymore's cousin Donte Moorer and Janelle Reese were found in a home on 19th Avenue, right across the street from where Pennymore lives.

"The crime is crazy out here, it is" says Pennymore.

She believes more patrol officers would curb the violence.

So ABC6/FOX 28 took her concerns and her neighbors straight to the mayor.

Since Mayor Andrew Ginther has been in office -- he's claimed the Linden area as one of his target improvement neighborhoods.

"We are working away at it, we didn't get here overnight," says Ginther.

The mayor has poured millions of dollars into improving infrastructure -- and setting up even more crime cameras.

Plus there will be the return of the community safety initiative.

"We are doing what we can with community policing, building relationships between police and community to share information and intelligence," he says.

But money and more officers alone won't solve the violence

"Everyone has a role to play in this whether it's joining a block watch or a civic association," said Ginther. "We are committed for the long-haul."

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