London middle school student had "hit list" on school computer

A Madison County middle school principal contacted 30 families that their children were on a "hit list" on Wednesday evening. (WSYX/WTTE)

A middle school principal contacted 30 families that their children were on a "hit list" on Wednesday evening. Then a building all-call went to parents of the 450 children in grades 6 to 8.

Superintendent Dr. Louis Kramer said their investigation is ongoing, so they are not getting into the specifics of exactly what was on the list.

"A current London middle school student had put together a list of names that the student was unhappy with and would like to hurt. It had a couple rambling narratives. Some of it was specific. Some of it was more related to fantasy," said Kramer.

Police Detective Greg Perkins said it was a list "to harm children."

Perkins said they are working to understand the motive.

"With all the recent events with school violence it is very concerning obviously so we definitely want to take it serious. It

could be some sort of an outlet, or some sort of cry for attention or help."

The district said a parent and student came to the principal with knowledge of the list. "Parents should tell children to be paying attention and listening for things that they feel are threatening in nature or discussions such as this, don't take things as a joke," said Perkins.

"Violations of that code of conduct which involve safety and which involve threats are taken very seriously," said Kramer. "Some of those consequences include suspension up to and including recommendations for expulsion."

Val White is the mother of six children in the district. White said her 8th grade son was number thirteen on the hit list.

"He said that there was a group of girls that made a hit list on different students and how they were going to kill them," said White.

Another parent said her daughter was on the list. She said her teenager can only remember having one interaction with the accused student. It stemmed from a possible slight at the lunch table.

"You can't say it was just pretending or I was just playing because there are so many kids that follow through with making threats, they actually follow through and that is scary," said White.

Police said they got a subpoena for the document involved. The school district said students used their school-issued notebook computers and put the list in a folder on the intranet. Perkins said once their investigation is complete the case will be taken to the prosecutor for possible criminal charges.

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