Man Accused of Stealing Ambulance to Get to Strip Club

PONTIAC, Mich. (Dawn Faugl) -- He's accused of stealing an ambulance from a hospital, and officers say when they finally caught up to the man, he said he wanted to go "see some pole dancing."Bryan Kryscio was arrested not long after reportedly stealing the ambulance from McLaren Oakland Hospital. According to the FOX station in Detroit, a paramedic says they were returning a stretcher to the ambulance, when they saw it being driven away.Police were able to use a cell phone one of their employees left inside to trace the ambulance, and pull over Kryscio. He was immediately arrested, and when asked why he took the ambulance, told police he was headed to a local strip club. Officers say that club has been closed down for years.Kryscio is homeless, and reportedly may have mental issues.

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