Mild winter could make spring allergies flare early

The warm weather across Ohio in February could cause spring allergies to show up earlier. (WSYX/WTTE)

After today you may be able to put away your winter coat for an entire week. A warm front moves in tonight and afternoon highs will be soaring into the 60s through next Thursday.

While many people are enjoying our "snow drought" and mild winter, it could mean bad news if you have Spring allergies.

"We are going to have a pretty bad season because of the warm winter that we had." said Dr. Suresh Sharoff of Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Ohio.

In fact, he's already been treating patients showing allergy symptoms. The warmer temperatures will likely mean trees will boom earlier. Patient Steve Hackett took an allergy test that proved his allergy shots and medication are working. But he knows what an early Spring does to him.

"I would be miserable, I would feel like I had a cold constantly, my eyes would itch, they would swell up," Hackett said.

Dr. Sharoff says a Spring after a mild winter can cause other sickness aside from regular allergy symptoms.

"It can make the regular infections worse make you more prone for sinus infections and ear infections particularly in children," Sharoff said.

He also suggests getting on your allergy medication now or seeing your doctor before the symptoms begin. This will help you better enjoy the Spring when it really arrives.

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