Need to know: How to get in, out, and around for Pride Festival


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- One of the biggest festivals in Columbus brings in thousands of people, but also brings up issues when it comes to the commute and parking.

That nation's largest Pride Festival takes place this weekend where streets will be closed and parking will be at a premium for the events that spans four days. (Click here for a detailed list of what's happening, when and where)

All the road closures will be through Sunday morning. (Click here for a detailed map)

For those looking for a place to park, it'll cost around $10 in one of the city's downtown garages.

To check parking availability beforehand or to reserve spot, you can do so with the Parking Panda or LAZ Parking app.

For those opting to for public transport, COTA is offering special routes for the weekend.

Along with the bus, an upstart business is also offering people an alternative to getting around. Hooper Carts started operation last year as a company that provides on-demand, eco-friendly rides. The electric vehicles are sponsored by brands that share its emphasis on a greener future. While the ride is free, it's encouraged to tip your driver.

An official said they shuttled around 3,500 people for the Arts Festival and expect a similar amount this weekend.

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