Newark dad accused of throwing infant son on floor multiple times

NEWARK, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - A father in Newark is in jail after police say he badly hurt his baby boy.

His three-month-old son is at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

The child's father, Brevin Smith, is locked up at the Licking County Justice Center, charged with felony child endangering.

According to court documents, Smith admitted he would throw his son on the bedroom floor when he couldn't stop him from crying.

The case baffles a former co-worker, who said he had a run-in with Smith over his stolen Xbox.

"I thought I knew him. [I] just, kind of, I didn't expect that," said Jeffrey Ferrell.

A stunned Ferrell wrapped his head around child abuse allegations against his former co-worker.

"I want to cry, honestly, [because] that's horrible," said Ferrell.

Newark police detectives arrested Smith Thursday night at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Court documents revealed the same day his infant son was unresponsive with marks on his body when first seen by medics.

The baby was later diagnosed with having old brain bleeds and four fractured ribs.

Officers described the child's home as deplorable and the baby as unkempt, with long, dirty fingernails, and who was only bathed once a week.

Court documents state Smith not only admitted to throwing the baby on the bedroom floor at least twice, but also claimed the fractured ribs could have happened in the rough way he handled his son.

"I don't know how to take that. I mean, honestly, he was a good kid. Yeah, he stole from us, but I knew he was mixed up," said Ferrell.

Ferrell said he caught Smith red-handed trading a stolen Xbox from his apartment last September.

"He was actually in the store when I called. He had traded it in for a couple game systems and a few games, like, they had his name," said Ferrell.

Smith had a previous burglary charge when he was arrested for child endangering.

Ferrell paints a different picture of Smith.

"He played football in high school. He was a good kid. When he worked, he was a good worker," said Ferrell.

Ferrell said the two worked together at McDonald's and remembered Smith as a happy father of two, like what you see in his Facebook profile.

"I never pegged him to actually steal from us. Every picture I ever seen of him with his girl, his children, he always looked happy," said Ferrell.

Smith declined a request for an interview at the jail.

He will have a preliminary hearing March 2.

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