Spring weather bringing ticks out

Spring warmth has brought out ticks and an increased risk for Lyme disease. (WSYX/WTTE)

Sarah Judis was enjoying a gorgeous, warm day at the Scioto Audubon Metropark with her puppy, Izzy.

But just a few feet away was a sign reminding park visitors to check for ticks. These parasites can be infected and transmit Lyme disease to humans. It is a bacterial infection that is treatable especially if caught early. However, it can cause extended illnesses for some people. The deer tick in Ohio is most likely to infect humans with disease.

The Delaware County Health District spreads the word about ticks and Lyme disease with what looks like a credit card. It has helpful tips and even a handy notch on the corner to help remove ticks. Tweezers also work.

"Not sure if it’s weather conditions and the habitat is expanded, but we do see some uptick in numbers," said Dustin Kent.

He says wearing DEET and checking frequently for ticks will keep ticks from attaching. It's also a good idea to keep the tick, in case signs of Lyme disease appear.

"Put it in a Ziplock bag, seal it up and mark the calendar either the day you pulled the tick or 10 days out," he said.

Also, Judis says even if your pet is protected that doesn't mean you are.

"My mom has three dogs and since they’re treated they’ve been coming in the house and they’re getting on my parents, getting on my brothers," she said.

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