BREAKING: No charges in Tyre King's death

No charges will be filed in the death of Columbus teen Tyre King. (File photo)

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien has confirmed there will be no charges filed against police officers in the death of Columbus teen Tyre King.

King was shot by Officer Bryan Mason while police said he was fleeing the site of an armed robbery with 19-year-old Demetrious Braxton on September 14, 2016. Police said King pulled a BB gun that looked like a real gun and was shot by one of the officers at the scene. Police said the gun had a laser sight on it.

Braxton entered a guilty plea in the robbery case in November.

An independent pathologist hired by King's family examined King's body at the funeral home and said the teen had been shot three times. Dr. Francisco Diaz said King suffered three gunshot wounds with entrance paths on the left side of his body: a gunshot wound to the left temple that exited through the right temple, a gunshot wound to the left collarbone area, and a gunshot wound to the left flank and an exit wound on the right flank.

The King family released a statement through their attorney saying "they were disappointed, but not surprised by the Grand Jury decision."

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther also released a statement via Twitter expressing his desire for the proceedings of the grand jury and police investigation to be made public "as son as the law allows."

This story will update as more information is available.

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