No strings attached! Columbus woman, Robin Richey, creates mobile yarn boutique inside RV


You would never guess what the inside of Robin Richey's R.V. looks like.


"I believe this is the only one in the state," said Richey, who lives near the Easton-area.

Richey is the owner, operator and driver of Yarnbyrds, a boutique yarn store inside of a used R.V.

"If I'm sitting, I'm knitting," she told ABC6/FOX28.

Richey conceived the idea of Yarnbyrds earlier in the year. Six months later, after help from her husband and friends, Yarnbyrds was operational.

As a full-time paralegal, Richey drives the R.V. to fiber festivals on weekends.

The mobile yarn store is getting attention around Central Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch highlighted the new company earlier this year.

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