Official-looking document not from U.S. government

Official-looking document (WSYX/WTTE)

An official-looking document being mailed to people in central Ohio is not from the U.S. government as it appears to be.

Experts say the mailer is designed to get your personal information.

The envelope reads "2017 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR OHIO CITIZENS ONLY." The first sentence of the document reads, "The Social Security Administration has made funds available for final expense planning. There are also state-regulated life insurance programs to help pay what the government does not cover."

You're supposed to sign the document, include your age, spouse's name, and your phone number and return it to the "NATIONAL PROCESSING CENTER" at an address on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. According to the Better Business Bureau, that address is a mail drop. "When contacted about complaint issues concerning these mailings, National Processing Center indicated that it was a trade name used by America's Recommended Mailers as a lead generator for its customers," the BBB wrote on its website.

An insurance agent who responded to an online complaint about the mailing said people who return the card should expect to get a phone call from an agent selling an insurance plan to cover funeral expenses.

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