Student group collects, recycles discarded items to eliminate waste from OSU moving day

Students on OSU campus begin moving out of their residence halls as the semester comes to a close. (WSYX/WTTE)

You'll spot stacks of rugs, leftover lights and laundry bins piled in residence halls across campus.

Many Ohio State students can't fit or don't need all their dorm rooms items, so in the past, that went to a landfill.

For years, Students for Recycling has collected these items left by students moving out as part of their 'Dump and Run' program.

"It is still in good shape, that someone could use it. So I thought I'd turn it in, help someone out," said sophomore Brendan Kirby, who donated his dorm room rug while moving out.

The Students for Recycling sort the goods, then set up a yard sale in the fall.

"We want to reduce, to limit waste everywhere possible and that is what we are doing. We are reusing.", said group President Elizabeth Sturges.

This year, students are making move out even more about the community.

"Anything they don't buy is donated to Goodwill, various other charities that help out the homeless," said Sturges.

Instead of lightly used items stuffing dumpsters, they get a new life.

"They have been able to divert. In the last fiscal year, it was six tons of items away from the landfill," said Tom Reeves with the Office of Student Life.

It fits into a larger plan. Ohio State has a set a goal to produce zero waste by 2025, but diverting 90 percent of items from landfills.

It's an effort to help their community and environment on one of the busiest days on campus. Groups like the Salvation Army of Central Ohio will be able to take bulk items the students may not be able to store and sell, for example.

They released a statement about the Dump and Run program:

We are grateful to be one of the organizations to receive these donated items from the OSU Dump and Run program. Donations received through this program will be sorted, processed and sold through our Family Thrift Stores. The proceeds support our Adult Rehabilitation Center, which is a 6-month residential drug and alcohol program for men right here in Columbus. Last year we served 563 people and provided 34,808 nights of lodging.
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