On Your Side: Woman says trash truck trashed her rain gutter

A Columbus woman says Rumpke has stopped taking her calls after verifying their truck did damage to her gutter. (WSYX/WTTE)

A Columbus woman turned to Six On Your Side after she says a trash truck tore out her carport rain gutter and the company took weeks to pay her claim.

Deborah Davis says she was looking out the window of her southwest Columbus condo when she saw a Rumpke garbage truck backing up in the carport area. When she walked out to her car five minutes later, she said she saw her gutter hanging off with a gaping hole in it.

"I immediately called Rumpke," says Davis. "They sent this guy Michael out and he (came) out and talked to me, took some pictures, got my information. Well, then it was a rat race from that point on."

For one thing, she says the nearly billion-dollar company wanted proof their trash truck really did $230 in damage.

"They brought a truck out here and lined it up with (the damage) and was taking pictures to see if their truck stood at the right height with this gutter," she said.

After finally admitting their responsibility, she says Rumpke stopped taking her calls.

"I had to chase everybody down. I had to block my phone number so they would actually answer the phone because I told them that I was not going away. And I'm still not going away as you can see. They're gonna fix this," said Davis.

Two weeks into the process she called us, and we called Rumpke. Almost immediately afterwards, Rumpke called Davis. They told her to fax them an estimate of repairs.

Deborah's angry it took two weeks, and help from Six On Your Side to get Rumpke to pay up for trashing her gutter.

"I drove for UPS for a very long time," said Davis. "I would never have tore somebody's property up and not told somebody. I do believe this driver knew that he did this, because he was stuck on the hole up there and when he pulled away you know he had to hear that because the rest of the gutter come loose."

Rumpke called Deborah to say the check is in the mail. A Rumpke spokesman tells Six On Your Side that they "take matters like this seriously." He says it takes time to do a thorough investigation and says two to two-and-a-half-weeks is common. But he admits the company should have done a better job of responding to Davis' phone messages.

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