OU students on edge after rash of rapes on campus

Reports of six rapes at Ohio University have students on edge. (WSYX/WTTE)

Ohio University students are concerned about their safety after six on-campus rapes have been reported since November.

For Dajah Howard, it's her first year at college.

"You never know what could happen or when," she said.

She lives in one of the dorms where two of the reported rapes happened.

"It's sad, heartbreaking, they live so close to me." Howard said.

She's not the only student concerned and worried about their safety.

Michi Heckler says Ohio University police are good about letting the students know when a crime happens.

Six reported rapes on campus since November. The cases don't appear to be connected. And in some cases the victim met the suspect at a bar.

"It definitely worries me and concerns me. It's very scary. It's something you think about when you're walking home from your night classes." said Heckler.

One student -- who didn't want to be identified -- says she never walks home alone at night. It's how she tries to stay safe.

"I have a buddy system. Me and my friends always make sure we are with each other to make sure we get home safely." she said.

It's that knowledge -- and safety tools Howard believes police and the University need to focus more on.

" I think they could do more when it comes to teaching. When they tell how things happen, I feel they could have told us about things to prevent it."

The University does require all freshmen students to take an online class dealing with alcohol and sexual violence. Lieutenant Tim Ryan of the OU Police Department said the number of rapes reported is at the same point as last year, but that even one is too many.

"To be clear, investigating sexual assaults is a top priority at OUPD and we will continue to vigorously and thoroughly investigate all reports that are brought to our attention," Ryan said.

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