Parents concerned after seeing abortion posters near high school (GRAPHIC)

A graphic message has parents in a central Ohio school district concerned.

Anti-abortion signs were posted along a street near Westerville South High School Tuesday. Students saw the signs as they walked out of school.

The group, Created Equal, said its goal is to talk to students about the dangers of abortion.

"We are outside the high schools to present all the evidence. We want students to have the full facts about what abortion does so they can make an informers choice," said Seth Drayer, who is the Director of Training for Created Equal.

Created Equal is a group that says it defend human rights. The group spreads their message to high schools and colleges all around. Some parents said they feel the groups approach was too much.

"I do believe that parents have a right to be concerned about their children being exposed to this type of an environment. We will do all that we can within our legal powers to make sure that they're not on school property," said Greg Viebranz of Westerville Schools.

The group set up signs and asked to talk to students on a public sidewalk Tuesday when school dismissed. They talked to students about abortion and offered them pamphlets.

"Students tell me frequently they don't talk about this in school. They don't tell us what abortion does. They don't show us pictures," said Drayer.

"I think it's a tough picture to look at, but when I compare it to some of the video games kids play and some of the shows on TV with the guns and the blood and all that, is it really all that far away from that?" said parent Stephen Flood..

Organizers said they got mixed reaction from students: some were receptive, others weren't. School officials said they have resource officers who monitor the events and they make sure the group stays on public property.

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