Police begin nighttime basketball tradition with neighborhood kids

Lt. Rob Musser, Officer Nich Pitzer, and Officer Sam Walter helped start a weekly tradition when they stopped to play basketball with a group of kids, and turned on their headlights to keep the game going after dark (Courtesy: Marion Police Dept.) 

A desire to just keep a fun game going has started a new tradition in a Marion, Ohio neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, second shift supervisor Lt. Rob Musser saw a couple kids playing basketball at the United Church of Christ in south Marion. He decided to start playing as well. Then, Officers Nich Pitzer and Sam Walter joined in, with more neighborhood kids joining the game.

When it started getting dark, the officers didn't end the game. Instead, they turned on their headlights and spotlights to illuminate the court so they could keep playing. And that's when the tradition was born.

Known as "Monday Night Madness", throughout the summer more kids and officers have stopped by to join the weekly basketball game.

Marion Police say this past Monday, a man who was driving past saw the game, turned around his car, and stopped to shake the officers' hands. He told Lt. Musser he was a prior felon and he couldn't help but think how something like this may have helped him when he was a kid.

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