Police: Jogger killed in hit-and-run, suspect charged with OVI

Park Meadow Drive was closed between Schrock Road and Brooksedge Blvd as police investigated the scene around 10 a.m. (WSYX/WTTE)

Westerville police continue to question a Delaware man, charged with OVI, in hopes of connecting him to the hit-and-run death of a Columbus woman this morning. Police said Jonathan Coffman, 32, of Delaware, is charged with OVI and could face more serious charges.

Police said a jogger, Linda Evans, 66, of Columbus, was hit and killed on Park Meadow Dr. in Westerville. A driver passing by saw her body partly obscured by an overgrown area of brush and called 911.

Police said while they were investigating, a witness called to tell them he saw a man get out of his vehicle, check it for damage and continue driving. Police said that witness helped make the case.

"We applaud him for coming forward and notifying the department of this," said Joseph Morbitzer, chief of Westerville Police.

That led investigators to Coffman's car, parked where he worked at a nearby Chase Bank office building. Police said after the crash Coffman went to work.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to update this breaking news story.

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