Police: Springfield woman overdoses in filthy home while watching 3 kids

Stephanie Jo Armitage faces three counts of child endangering (Photo: Clark Co. Jail)

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Police have arrested a Springfield woman they say overdosed on heroin while she was supposed to be caring for her three children.

Officers were called to Stephanie Jo Armitage's home on Clay Street on Saturday, May 6, and were led to a bathroom in the home by one of Armitage's children. The 34-year-old ended up having to be given four doses of Narcan before she became conscious again. One of Armitage's children found her unconscious in the bathroom, police say, and called 911.

While in the home and waiting for Children Servcies to arrive, a sergeant with the police department started looking for other drug paraphernalia. He could not find any other paraphernalia, but did notice the home was filthy. The sergeant said the home smelled of urine and feces, he also said there was feces all over the floor. One of Armitage's children told the sergeant he sleeps behind a couch. The sergeant looked and said he saw a pile of blankets that had been fashioned into a bed.

Officers ended up getting in contact with the children's father who took them into custody.

Afterward, a police sergeant was able to speak with Armitage who said she bought heroin and shot it up in the bathroom and didn't remember anything after that. She turned herself in and also showed police where she had hidden a syringe and spoon.

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