GPS device puts Golsby at site of OSU student's murder

Evidence gained from an ankle monitor worn by murder suspect Brian Golsby places him at the park where an OSU student was found murdered, according to prosecutors.

The tracking data was the subject of a meeting between detectives and county prosecutors Wednesday afternoon.

While specifics were not released, sources said authorities have determines the whereabouts of Golsby from when Reagan Tokes was kidnapped in the Short North last Wednesday to when her body was discovered at a Grove City park naked Thursday afternoon.

Golsby was placed on the GPS tracking system once he was released from prison last November.

He had served a six year sentence for the attacks of two women back in 2010.

One victim had been forced to perform a sex act in front of her 2-year-old son.

Prosecutors are now asking Golsby's probation officer if anyone was tracking Golsby's whereabouts in real time.

Columbus Police also plan to meet with Grove City to determine Golsby's whereabouts during a recent string of violent attacks against women in German Village.

In an exclusive interview, Golsby's father David Woodfork said his son had made comments about getting the monitoring system removed.

"When he was on the couch, he would show it to me every time he was over here," said Woodfork. "He was waiting. He wanted to get it off."

Golsby's father now awaits the decision as to if his son will face the death penalty in this case.

"(If he did this) He should get what he deserves," said Woodfork.

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